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List of books by Marion Chesney

List of Books by Marion Chesney with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Marion Chesney. Find my selection in date order of Marion Chesney’s novels.

Marion Chesney List of Books to Read

Dukes & Desires Books

The Desirable Duchess      (1993)          

Her Grace’s Passion           (1991)          

Pretty Polly  (1988)          

The Sins of Lady Dacey     (1994)          

My Dear Duchess   (1979)          

Lady Lucy’s Lover   (1983)          

The Scandalous Marriage            (1991)          

Edwardian Candlelight Books

Polly   (1979)          

Molly (1980)          

Ginny (1980)          

Tilly     (1981)          

Susie  (1981)          

Kitty   (1980)          

Daisy  (1979)          

Sally   (1982)          

Maggie          (1984)          

Royal Ambition Books

The Marquis Takes a Bride          (1980)          

The Savage Marquess       (1988)          

The Highland Countess     (1981)          

The Ghost and Lady Alice (1982)          

Love and Lady Lovelace   (1982)          

Duke’s Diamonds   (1982)          

The Viscount’s Revenge    (1983)          

The Paper Princess            (1987)          

Westerby Books

The Westerby Inheritance           (1982)          

Six Sisters Books

Minerva        (1983)          

The Taming of Annabelle (1983)          

Deirdre and Desire            (1984)          

Daphne         (1984)          

Diana the Huntress            (1985)          

Frederica in Fashion          (1985)          

Changing Fortunes Books

Lady Anne’s Deception     (1985)          

The Westerby Sisters        (1983)          

Endearing Young Charms Books

The French Affair   (1984)          

To Dream of Love  (1986)          

A Marriage of Inconvenience     (1992)          

A Governess of Distinction          (1992)          

The Glitter and the Gold   (1993)          

House for the Seasons Books

The Miser of Mayfair        (1986)          

Plain Jane     (1986)          

The Wicked Godmother   (1987)          

Rake’s Progress       (1987)          

The Adventuress    (1987)          

Rainbird’s Revenge            (1988)          

Royal Books

Milady in Love         (1987)          

School for Manners Books

Refining Felicity      (1988)          

Perfecting Fiona     (1989)          

Enlightening Delilah           (1989)          

Finessing Clarissa    (1989)          

Animating Maria    (1990)          

Marrying Harriet    (1990)          

Waverley Women Books

The First Rebellion (1989)          

Silken Bonds            (1989)          

The Love Match      (1989)          

Travelling Matchmaker Books

Emily Goes to Exeter         (1990)          

Belinda Goes to Bath         (1991)          

Penelope Goes to Portsmouth   (1991)          

Beatrice Goes to Brighton            (1991)          

Deborah Goes to Dover   (1992)          

Yvonne Goes to York         (1992)          

Poor Relation Books

Lady Fortescue Steps Out            (1993)          

Miss Tonks Turns to Crime          (1993)          

Mrs Budley Falls from Grace       (1993)          

Sir Philip’s Folly       (1993)          

Colonel Sandhurst to the Rescue           (1994)          

Back in Society        (1994)          

Daughters of Mannerling Books

The Banishment      (1995)          

The Intrigue (1995)          

The Deception         (1996)          

The Folly       (1996)          

The Romance          (1997)          

The Homecoming   (1997)          

Edwardian Murder Mystery Books

Snobbery with Violence   (2003)          

Hasty Death (2004)          

Sick of Shadows     (2005)          

Our Lady of Pain    (2006)          

Standalone Novels

Henrietta      (1979)          

Regency Gold          (1980)          

Lady Margery’s Intrigue   (1980)          

The Constant Companion            (1980)          

Quadrille       (1981)          

Annabelle     (1981)          

My Lords, Ladies and Marjorie  (1981)          

Penelope      (1983)          

The Poor Relation  (1984)          

Sweet Masquerade           (1984)          

The Original Miss Honeyford      (1985)          

The Flirt         (1985)          

The Education of Miss Patterson           (1985)          

Those Endearing Young Charms            (1986)          

At the Sign of the Golden Pineapple     (1987)          

Lucy   (1987)          

Miss Fiona’s Fancy (1987)          

Lessons in Love       (1987)          

The Perfect Gentleman    (1988)          

Poppy            (1990)          

The Scandalous Lady Wright      (1990)          

His Lordship’s Pleasure     (1991)          

Miss Davenport’s Christmas        (1993)          

The Dreadful Debutante  (1994)          

The Chocolate Debutante            (1995)          

The Loves of Lord Granton          (1996)          

Dancing on the Wind        (2003)                                              

List of books by Marion Chesney

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Marion Chesney. If we missed any be sure to let us know in comments of via the Contact Us.

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