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List of books by Marie Force

List of Books by Marie Force with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Marie Force. Find my selection in date order of Marie Force’s novels.

Marie Force List of Books to Read

Fatal Books

Fatal Affair   (2010)          

Fatal Justice (2011)          

Fatal Consequences           (2011)          

Fatal Destiny            (2011)          

Fatal Flaw     (2012)          

Fatal Deception      (2012)          

Fatal Mistake           (2013)          

Fatal Jeopardy        (2014)          

Fatal Scandal           (2015)          

One Night with You           (2015)          

Fatal Frenzy (2016)          

Fatal Identity           (2016)          

Fatal Threat (2017)          

Fatal Chaos  (2018)          

Fatal Invasion          (2018)          

Fatal Reckoning      (2019)          

Fatal Accusation     (2019)          

Fatal Books

One Night with You is a prequel novella to the Fatal series.

McCarthys Of Gansett Island Books

Maid for Love          (2011)          

Fool for Love           (2011)          

Ready for Love        (2011)          

Falling for Love       (2012)          

Hoping for Love      (2012)          

Season for Love      (2012)          

Longing for Love    (2012)          

Waiting for Love     (2013)          

Time for Love          (2013)          

Meant for Love       (2013)          

Chance for Love     (2014)          

Gansett After Dark            (2014)          

Kisses After Dark    (2014)          

Love After Dark      (2015)          

Celebration After Dark     (2015)          

Celebration After Dark     (2015)          

Desire After Dark   (2016)          

Light After Dark      (2016)          

Mine After Dark     (2018)          

A Gansett Island Christmas          (2018)          

Yours After Dark    (2018)          

Trouble After Dark            (2019)          

Rescue After Dark  (2020)          

Treading Water Books

Treading Water      (2011)          

Marking Time          (2011)          

Starting Over           (2011)          

Coming Home         (2012)          

Green Mountain Books

All You Need is Love          (2014)          

I Want to Hold Your Hand           (2014)          

I Saw Her Standing There            (2014)          

And I Love Her        (2015)          

You’ll Be Mine         (2015)          

It’s Only Love           (2015)          

Ain’t She Sweet       (2016)          

Quantum Books

Virtuous        (2015)          

Valorous       (2015)          

Victorious     (2015)          

Rapturous    (2016)          

Ravenous      (2016)          

Delirious       (2017)          

Outrageous  (2018)          

Famous         (2019)          

Butler, Vermont Books

Every Little Thing    (2017)          

Can’t Buy Me Love (2017)          

Here Comes the Sun          (2018)          

Till There Was You (2019)          

Gansett Island Episodes Season 1 Books

Victoria & Shannon: Episode 1   (2017)          

Kevin & Chelsea: Episode 2         (2017)          

Gilded Books

Duchess by Deception      (2019)          

Deceived by Desire            (2019)          

Tame Quantum Books

Virtuous        (2019)          

Valorous       (2019)          

Rapturous    (2019)          

Ravenous      (2019)          

Delirious       (2019)          

Standalone Novels

Line of Scrimmage (2008)          

Love at First Flight  (2009)          

True North   (2010)          

The Fall          (2010)          

Everyone Loves a Hero… And That’s the Problem   (2011)          

The Wreck    (2011)          

Georgia on My Mind         (2011)          

Sex God         (2017)          

Five Years Gone      (2018)          

One Year Home      (2019)                      

List of books by Marie Force

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Marie Force. If we missed any be sure to let us know in comments of via the Contact Us.

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