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Quotes, who doesn’t love a good quote? This series of articles we look at Top 10 Famous Quotes by Author Marie Bostwick, author quotes are always a challenge and fun to pick, with Marie Bostwick you will find my Ten favorites of Marie Bostwick’s quotes. 

About Marie Bostwick

My publishing house asked me to update my biography a while back. I wrote two versions. Here is the one that did not make the cover.

“As an overweight, socially awkward child, Marie Bostwick collected a closet full of imaginary friends that still live with her today. She graduated from college in 1984 with a degree in Communications (the only degree that didn’t require statistics courses) and a double minor in self-loathing and procrastination. She married when she was young and fertile, giving birth to three sons who are now grown up and don’t call nearly as often as they should.

Born: The United States
Twitter: mariebostwick
Genre: Literature & Fiction, Historical Fiction

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Popular Quotes

“When your dreams turn to dust, maybe its time to vacuum”.”
― Marie Bostwick, A Single Thread

 “One thing I know from experience,” she said, “it’s always a lot easier to be a conqueror if you don’t try to go it alone. You didn’t see Napoleon riding off to battle with just himself and his trusty sword. He brought in some backup.”
― Marie Bostwick, A Single Thread

“But it’s the battles you fight together that make two people one – the hardships, and failures, and occasional triumphs that cement your vows and teach you the meaning and practice of loving someone fully.”
― Marie Bostwick, Just In Time

 “I realized that I’d been comparing the inside of my life with the outside of everyone else’s; measuring my own fortunes against the cheerful how-are-you-I’m-fine facade that people put on for each other.”
― Marie Bostwick

 “That’s the thing I’ve learned about mountains: the joy you feel at scaling them is in direct proportion to how high and impassable the peak appears to be once you’re on the other side of it.”
― Marie Bostwick, Just In Time

 “death has a way of re-ranking your priorities and clearing your mind of debris. Maybe that is part of its purpose. On the other hand, maybe death is just death.”
― Marie Bostwick, The Second Sister

“It’s more like she left some of herself behind in the walls and the floors and the books, like there’s something she wants to tell me.”
― Marie Bostwick, The Second Sister

 “I count myself in nothing else so happy as in a soul remembering my good friends.”
― Marie Bostwick, The Second Sister

“Every single thing we own owns us.” Abigail from a thread of truth”
― Marie Bostwick

“Between one breath and the next, your whole world can change. ”
― Marie Bostwick, A Single Thread

10 Famous Quotes by Author Marie Bostwick

So there you have it my Ten favorite quotes by Marie Bostwick, please comment below and share your favorite quotes by the fantastic author Marie Bostwick.  Furthermore, if you find any Authors not covered for there, top 10 quotes let me know and I will review their works and find some of their best quotes as has been done here for Marie Bostwick. 

One Final Bonus – Marie Bostwick Quote 

“We say that we mourn the dead, and there is some truth in that. We lament the flower frozen in full bloom, cut off at the moment of promise, or another long wilted, whose slow fading and drawn-out, painful diminishment cast a shadow over a vibrant and glorious past. And yet. Once the eyes are closed and the heart is stilled, we come to understand that the worst of the pain has passed. For them. The dead have no more use for pain, for memory or regret. Regret is for the living. And so when we stand at the bedside, the graveside, the casket, our mourning is less for the beloved departed than it is for ourselves. We mourn the missed opportunity, the word unspoken or spoken in haste, the hole in our lives and the unsettling of our souls, our own disappointments and the loss of innocence. We gaze upon the stillness that is unending and feel our self-importance crack and the myth of our immortality smash. We stare upon the face of death to see ourselves more clearly, to satisfy our curiosity, to make peace with the inescapable. We hold our breath, try to imagine what it would be like never to take another and what the departed know now that we don’t. We try to conjure what the life we have left would look like if such knowledge were ours. We try to imagine ourselves kind and expansive and giving, balanced and patient, more honest, more thankful, more peaceful, content with what we have, mindless of what we have not. We imagine ourselves happy. For a moment, we believe we can be. And then, because we can’t help ourselves, we breathe and, breathing, are reminded of the many other things we cannot help. The faith of a moment fades and hope is replaced by the intimate knowledge of our imperfections. Lonely, weeping, we stand with our feet anchored to the ground, watching our better angels fly above us and beyond us to time out of mind, and we mourn.”

― Marie Bostwick, The Second Sister

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