Manual Crypto Trading is Out: Why You Should Switch to Automated Trading

Since the inception of cryptocurrency trading in the 2010s, it has gained much popularity among investors and traders worldwide. The crypto market circulates thousands of cryptocurrencies and allows millions of crypto users to trade the financial market.

Crypto trading always takes more time and effort using human capabilities and manual trading methods that require expertise with tools and strategies to navigate complexities in the crypto world. However, in the last decade, Crypto trading has only evolved to offer investors the supersede of human limitations with automated trading and technology.

Automated trading has surpassed manual trading methods and fast-forwarded crypto trading with the help of automated trading bots, arbitrage, and DCA bots. Let’s find out more.

1. Optimization and Backtesting 

Automated trading offers backtesting and optimization advantages through which traders can evaluate their performance and make informed adjustments for upcoming trades. This approach can help them confidently trade based on positive results on statistical probabilities and evidence.

Traders can stay ahead of their competitors and be up-to-date with market insights by testing them to optimize their performance and refine their strategies.

2. Speed & Efficiency

Manual trading has time constraints and human error possibilities that slow the crypto trading process. Hence, with cutting-edge technology, automated systems can process vast volumes of data without room for any errors and help traders execute those trades faster.

Traders can access real-time data and execute trades instantly without manually monitoring the market and exploring various avenues of growth.

3. Managing Risks

With automated trading, traders can effectively manage risks and safeguard their investments, unlike manual trading involving human error and risk exposure. Automated trading offers robust risk management features such as trailing stops, stop-loss orders, and other effective mechanisms.

Also, one can assign risk tolerance levels and impose bots with greater control and guidelines to limit potential losses and increase profitability.

4. Replaces emotional bias


Automated trading replaces emotional bias, unlike traditional trading, that can affect decision-making in crypto trading. Autotrading is devoid of emotional involvement and follows a systematic approach to trading. They use predetermined algorithms and set risk parameters that can reduce the need for emotions. All-in-all, auto trading allows investors to trade rationally and lessen momentary fluctuations.


With fast-paced trading features and opportunities, Automated and algorithmic trading has surpassed traditional trading methods and continues to show great potential in crypto trading. Moreover, it is a great tool for beginners to trade confidently without being carried away by their emotions. 

Also, manual trading takes mental analysis and predictions that can result in a time-consuming process, unlike automated trading, which offers instant and accurate results. Algorithmic bots reduce the manual efforts and risks in cryptocurrency trading. Automated trading involves no struggle, so it is suitable for inexperienced traders to perform trading consistently without the uncertainty of incurring losses. 

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