Make-up Tips For Black Ladies

Few Simple Make-up Tips For Black Ladies

Facial make-up can be tiresome and complex especially for women of color. But it can also be fun to play around with. This makes it easier for you to find what works for your face on different occasions and combinations.


Learning to accept your skin-tone and its challenges when it comes to make-up can be tricky. Most women tend to just blend in with what is there instead of looking for what works for them.

Make-up Tips For Black Ladies- Use Colored Eyeliner or Eye-Shadow


Try and mix it up once in a while. Use colored eyeliner or eye-shadow to brighten your eyes and make them pop. If it is too much you can mix it up. Have a less colored eye-shadow and a more colored lower lash line. Dark colors always scream a lot, so play by your skin-tone. But dark green or purple always works for most.

Make-up Tips For Black Ladies- Embrace Ombre Lips

Bright lips are always make-up goals. Just apply a lip liner which is a shade or two darker than the actual lipstick. This will give your lips a lasting ombre effect.

Make-up Tips For Black Ladies- Try Brands which Embrace Women of color

Always keep an eye for brands that make make-up with black women in mind. Make-up brands which have various color options for black women are always a good place to start your make-up tour. Revlon, Shea Moisture and Black Opal are just a few of them.

Make-up Tips For Black Ladies- Use bronzer

A bronzer will definitely give you a warm glow on your cheeks and add color to your whole face. Use a fan brush. Do not overdo it, just quick light brushes on top of your cheeks will do.


On the same note, you can also apply a berry colored blush on your cheeks to warm-up your face.

Make-up Tips For Black Ladies- Use a Primer for Eye-Shadow

If you want to make your eye-shadow pop, then use a white cream eye-shadow as the base. Apply it all over your eyelid before applying the actual eye-shadow. You can also wet the eye-shadow brush before use to boost the color of the eye-shadow.

Make-up Tips For Black Ladies- Use the Right Foundation

You can always try out different foundations before settling for one which actually works for you.  You can also try a computerized color matching system. It will definitely help you find the right shade.

Make-up Tips For Black Ladies
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Moreover, it can be a bit hard to achieve a perfect combination of facial make-up without some direction. Be sure to follow some make-up blogs and YouTube tutorials so as to get the grip of it all.

So, there you have it, make-up tips for black ladies. However, with practice, you can make any color work for you. It is all about the perfect blend.

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