Magnificent Scenic Rim – Queensland

The Scenic Rim is a group of the forested mountain ranges of Australia. It is a part of the Great Dividing Range which straddles the border in between south-eastern Queensland and the northeastern New South Wales. As the name suggests, this group of forested mountain ranges is scenic, beautiful and very picturesque. The ranges in this group of the mountain include Mistake Ranges, Little Liverpool Range, McPherson Range, Main Range, Teviot Range as well as the Tweed Range. The valleys of the beautiful Scenic Rim include Christmas Creek, Laidley Creek, Fassifern Valley, Lockyer Valley, the Albert River, Numinbah Valley, Coomera River, Bremer River and the Logan River. This area is considered as one of the most attractive tourist destinations of Australia.

History of the Scenic Rim:

Interestingly, the Scenic Rim possess a very fascinating history. The concept of the rim was very first coined by the trekkers, Romeo Lahey and Arthur Groom sometime in the 1920s. Both of them decided to campaign from the Main Range to the Lamington Plateau in order to urge for the protection of forest and wildlife. At the very same time, the O’Reillly’s Guesthouse, as well as the Binna Burra Lodge, came into an establishment since this area was gaining widespread popularity. Thus, Scenic Rim soon came into the recognition of a lot of travellers. Another amusing fact about this rim is that it is a home to world heritage listed rainforest, six national parks as well as three dams.

Things to Do:

Scenic Rim is a destination for art, culture, tourism as well as rural pursuits. Thus, you can take part in a number of local activities carried out here. The vibrant artistic community of this area give birth to rich art culture. You can explore the rural life, the art and the raw cultural life of this place. A hike in the rainforest isn’t a bad idea. Feel lucky if you catch a glimpse of the adventurous wildlife here.

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