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List of books by Maggie Shayne

List of Books by Maggie Shayne with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Maggie Shayne. Find my selection in date order of Maggie Shayne’s novels.

Maggie Shayne List of Books to Read

Wings In The Night Books

Twilight Phantasies            (1993)          

Twilight Memories (1994)          

Twilight Illusions     (1994)          

Strangers in the Night       (1995)          

Born in Twilight      (1997)          

Brides of the Night (1998)          

Twilight Hunger      (2002)          

Embrace the Twilight        (2003)          

Two by Twilight      (2003)          

Edge of Twilight      (2004)          

Blue Twilight            (2005)          

Prince of Twilight   (2006)          

Demon’s Kiss           (2007)          

Lover’s Bite  (2008)          

Angel’s Pain (2008)          

Bloodline      (2009)          

Twilight Prophecy  (2011)          

Twilight Fulfilled     (2011)          

Fairies Of Shara Books

Fairytale        (1996)          

Forever Enchanted            (1997)          

The Fairy’s Wish     (2012)          

Texas Brand Books

The Littlest Cowboy           (1996)          

The Baddest Virgin in Texas         (1997)          

Badlands Bad Boy  (1997)          

The Husband She Couldn’t Remember            (1998)          

The Mysterious Texas Brand Man         (1998)          

The Baddest Bride in Texas          (1999)          

The Outlaw Bride   (1999)          

Angel Meets the Badman (2000)          

The Homecoming   (2001)          

Immortal Witches Books

Eternity         (1998)          

Infinity           (1999)          

Destiny          (2001)          

Oklahoma All-Girl Brands Books

The Brands Who Came for Christmas  (2000)          

Brand-New Heartache      (2001)          

Secrets and Lies      (2002)          

Feels Like Home      (2005)          

Dangerous Lover    (2006)          

Sweet Vidalia Brand          (2014)          

Mordecai Young Books

Thicker Than Water           (2003)          

Colder Than Ice       (2004)          

Darker Than Midnight      (2005)          

Secrets Of Shadow Falls Books

Killing Me Softly      (2010)          

Kill Me Again            (2010)          

Kiss Me, Kill Me       (2010)          

Portal Books

Legacy of the Witch           (2012)          

Mark of the Witch (2012)          

Daughter of the Spellcaster        (2012)          

Blood of the Sorceress      (2013)          

Brown & De Luca Books

Sleep with the Lights On  (2013)          

Dream of Danger   (2013)          

Wake to Darkness  (2013)          

Innocent Prey         (2014)          

Deadly Obsession   (2014)          

Cry Wolf       (2019)          

Girl Blue        (2019)          

Wings In The Night: Reborn Books

Twilight Guardians (2014)          

Twilight Vendetta   (2015)          

The Rhiannon Chronicles (2015)          

Shattered Sisters Books

Reckless        (2016)          

Forgotten     (2016)          

Broken          (2016)          

Hollow           (2017)          

Hunted          (2017)          

McIntyre Men Books

Oklahoma Christmas Blues          (2016)          

Oklahoma Moonshine      (2016)          

Oklahoma Starshine          (2016)          

Shine on Oklahoma           (2017)          

Baby By Christmas (2017)          

Red Lily Saga Books

We Bleed      (2018)          


Fiona Books

Fiona: Origins          (2018)          

Standalone Novels

Reckless Angel         (1993)          

Miranda’s Viking    (1994)          

Kiss of the Shadow Man   (1994)          

Forgotten Vows      (1994)          

Out-of-This-World Marriage      (1995)          

Forever, Dad           (1996)          

Annie’s Hero            (1997)          

A Husband in Time (1997)          

Million Dollar Marriage    (1999)          

The Gingerbread Man      (2001)          

That Mysterious Man        (2003)          

Enemy Mind            (2003)          

Immortality  (2005)          

Eternal Love (2007)          

Immortal Desire     (2007)          

Stranger in Town   (2004)          

Immortality  (2005)          

Return of the Light (2007)          

The Bliss Book         (2018)          

Short Stories

Witch Moon            (2011)          

The Bride Wore a Forty-Four     (2012)          

Musketeer by Moonlight (2012)          

Everything She Does is Magick   (2012)          

Zombie!: A Love Story      (2013)          

Short Story Collections

A Sprinkle of Fairy Dust    (1996)          

Bewitched    (1997)          

Moonglow   (1998)          

Veils of Time            (1999)          

Sinful (2000)          

Who Do You Love?            (2000)          

Witch Moon Rising/Witch Moon Waning       (2001)          

Out of This World  (2001)          

Broken Silence        (2003)          

Hot Summer Nights           (2003)          

Midnight Pleasures            (2003)          

Pregnant with His Child    (2004)          

Danger in the Shadows    (2004)          

Special Delivery      (2004)          

Man of My Dreams           (2004)          

Night’s Edge (2004)          

Burning Bright         (2004)          

An Unexpected Family      (2004)          

Hot Blooded            (2004)          

Kick Ass         (2005)          

Passionate Secrets (2006)          

Sheer Pleasure        (2007)          

Wild Thing    (2007)          

Moon Fever (2007)          

An Enchanted Season       (2007)          

Weddings From Hell          (2008)          

Heart of Darkness  (2009)          

Darkness Divine      (2010)          

The Heart of Winter          (2011)          

Vacation With a Vampire… and Other Immortals    (2011)          

Summer Nights with a Vampire (2012)          

A Valentine from Harlequin: Six Degrees of Romance        (2012)          

Non-Fiction Books

Shayne on You        (2011)          

Magick and the Low of Attraction: A User’s Guide   (2013)          

List of books by Maggie Shayne

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Maggie Shayne. If we missed any be sure to let us know in comments of via the Contact Us.

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