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Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, M.L. Buchman. Find my selection in date order of M.L. Buchman’s novels.

M.L. Buchman List of Books to Read

Night Stalkers White House Books

Daniel’s Christmas  (2012)          

Frank’s Independence Day          (2013)          

Peter’s Christmas   (2013)          

Zachary’s Christmas          (2015)          

Roy’s Independence Day (2016)          

Damien’s Christmas           (2016)          

Henderson’s Ranch Stories Books

Christmas at Henderson’s Ranch           (2015)          

Reaching Out at Henderson’s Ranch    (2016)          

Nathan’s Big Sky     (2017)          

Welcome at Henderson’s Ranch            (2017)          

Big Sky, Loyal Heart           (2017)          

Finding Henderson’s Ranch         (2018)          

Night Stalkers CSAR Stories Books

NSDQ (2016)          

Dawn Flight (2015)          

Night and Day         (2016)          

Guardian of the Heart      (2017)          

Love in a Copper Light      (2017)          

Just Shy of a Dream           (2018)          

Delta Force Stories Books

Lightning Strike to the Heart       (2016)          

For Her Dark Eyes Only    (2016)          

Her Silent Heart and the Open Sky       (2016)          

What the Heart Holds Safe          (2016)          

Love’s Second Chance      (2017)          

Sound of Her Warrior Heart       (2017)          

Her Heart and the ‘Friend’ Command  (2017)          

Love in the Drop Zone      (2017)          

Delta Mission: Operation Rudolph        (2017)          

Play the Right Cards          (2018)          

Night Stalkers 5E Short Stories

Love Behind the Lines       (2016)          

Flying Over the Waves     (2017)          

Since the First Day (2017)          

The Christmas Lights Objective  (2017)          

Love Abroad B&B Books

Heart of the Cotswolds     (2017)          

Path of Love            (2018)          

Deities Anonymous Short Stories

The Gods Are Out Inn       (2017)          

Night Stalkers Wedding Books

Emily’s Wedding     (2017)          

Kee’s Wedding        (2017)          

Connie’s Wedding  (2018)          

White House Protection Force Books

Off the Leash           (2018)          

On Your Mark         (2018)          

In the Weeds           (2018)          

Dilya’s Christmas Challenge         (2018)          

Oregon Firebirds Books

They’d Most Certainly Be Flying (2018)          

For All Their Days   (2018)          

When They Just Know      (2018)          

They Both Hold the Truth            (2018)          

Twice the Heat        (2018)          

Lanalee Patterson Books

Cops and Fathers   (2018)          

Firehawks Lookout Stories Books

Looking for the Fire           (2014)          

Fire at Gray Wolf Lookout           (2015)          

Blaze Atop Swallow Hill Lookout           (2015)          

Summer of Fire and Heart           (2016)          

Together atop Sapphire Lookout          (2016)          

Night Stalkers and the Navy Books

Christmas at Steel Beach  (2014)          

Christmas at Peleliu Cove (2015)          

Night Stalker Stories Books

Ghost of Willow’s Past      (2014)          

Man the Guns, My Mate  (2014)          

Heart of the Storm            (2015)          

Beale’s Hawk Down           (2015)          

Flight to Fight          (2015)          

Circle ‘Round           (2017)          

First Day, Every Day          (2017)          

Dark Ages Books

Monk’s Maze           (2010)          

Night Stalkers Books

The Night Is Mine   (2012)          

I Own the Dawn     (2012)          

Daniel’s Christmas  (2012)          

Wait Until Dark       (2013)          

Frank’s Independence Day          (2013)          

Peter’s Christmas   (2013)          

Take Over at Midnight      (2013)          

Light Up the Night  (2014)          

Christmas at Steel Beach  (2014)          

The Night Stalkers Special Features      (2014)          

Ghost of Willow’s Past      (2014)          

The Sword of Io      (2014)          

Man the Guns, My Mate  (2014)          

Bring on the Dusk  (2015)          

Heart of the Storm            (2015)          

Beale’s Hawk Down           (2015)          

Target of the Heart            (2015)          

Dawn Flight (2015)          

Night Rescue            (2015)          

Flight to Fight          (2015)          

Christmas on Henderson’s Ranch          (2015)          

Target Lock On Love         (2015)          

Christmas at Peleliu Cove (2015)          

By Break of Day      (2016)          

Second Chance Rescue     (2016)          

Target of Mine        (2016)          

Heart’s Refuge        (2017)          

Sergeant George and the Dragoon       (2018)          

Angelo’s Hearth Books

Where Dreams Are Born (2012)          

Where Dreams Reside      (2013)          

Maria’s Christmas Table   (2013)          

Where Dreams Unfold     (2013)          

Where Dreams Are Written        (2014)          

Where Dreams Taste Like Chocolate    (2014)          

Where Dreams Are Sewn            (2015)          

Where Dreams Are Well Done   (2015)          

Deities Anonymous Books

Cookbook from Hell: Reheated  (2013)          

Saviors 101: The first book of the Reluctant Messiah          (2013)          

Firehawks Books

Pure Heat     (2014)          

Full Blaze      (2014)          

Wildfire at Dawn    (2014)          

Looking for the Fire           (2014)          

Fire Light Fire Bright          (2014)          

Firelights of Christmas      (2014)          

Wildfire at Larch Creek     (2015)          

Hot Point      (2015)          

Fire at Gray Wolf Lookout           (2015)          

Wildfire on the Skagit       (2015)          

Blaze Atop Swallow Hill Lookout           (2015)          

Fire Light Cabin Bright      (2015)          

Flash of Fire (2016)          

A Hotshot Christmas         (2016)          

Wild Fire       (2016)          

Dead Chef Books

One Chef!     (2014)          

Two Chef!     (2014)          

Iced Chef!     (2015)          

Gas Grilled Chef!    (2015)          

Delta Force Books

Target Engaged       (2015)          

Heart Strike (2016)          

Wild Justice  (2017)          

Midnight Trust        (2018)          

Protect & Serve Collections

The Way of the Warrior   (2015)          

Eagle Cove Books

Return to Eagle Cove         (2016)          

Recipe for Eagle Cove       (2016)          

Longing for Eagle Cove     (2016)          

Standalone Novels

Swap Out!    (2011)          

Nara   (2014)          

Novellas/Short Stories

Hitomi’s Path           (2014)          

Androcles the Christmas Lion: Betsy     (2014)          

Short Story Collections

The Ides of Matt 2014      (2015)          

Omnibus Books

The Night Stalkers Holiday Bundle        (2014)          

Where Dreams Bundle I   (2014)          

Where Dreams Bundle II  (2014)          

Wildfire Smokejumper Trilogy   (2015)                                                                      

List of books by M.L. Buchman

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author M.L. Buchman. If we missed any be sure to let us know in comments of via the Contact Us.

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