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Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, M.D. Cooper. Find my selection in date order of M.D. Cooper’s novels.

M.D. Cooper List of Books to Read

Aeon 14: Intrepid Saga Books

Outsystem    (2012)          

A Path in the Darkness     (2014)          

Building Victoria     (2016)          

Aeon 14: Orion War Books

Destiny Lost (2016)          

New Canaan            (2017)          

Orion Rising (2017)          

The Scipio Alliance (2017)          

Ignite the Stars        (2018)          

Attack on Thebes   (2018)          

War on a Thousand Fronts          (2018)          

Precipice of Darkness       (2018)          

Airthan Ascendancy          (2018)          

The Orion Front      (2019)          

Starfire          (2019)          

Race Across Spacetime     (2019)          

Return to Sol           (2020)          

Aeon 14: Orion War Books

In chronological order, Ignite the Stars comes after Destiny Lost, but still should be read after Orion Rising.

Aeon 14: Tales of the Orion War Books

Set the Galaxy on Fire       (2016)          

Decisive Action – Grayson vs. Maverick           (2019)          

Return to Kapteyn’s Star  (2019)          

Aeon 14: Perilous Alliance Series Books

Close Proximity       (2017)          

Strike Vector           (2017)          

Collision Course      (2017)          

Impact Imminent   (2018)          

Critical Inertia          (2018)          

Impulse Shock         (2018)          

Mr. Fizzle Pop Ruins Everything            (2019)          

Terminal Velocity   (2019)          

Aeon 14: Enfield Genesis Books

Alpha Centauri        (2018)          

Proxima Centauri   (2018)          

Tau Ceti – The Phage          (2018)          

Epsilon Eridani        (2019)          

Sirius  (2019)          

Aen 14: Fennington Station Murder Mysteries Books

Whole Latte Death (2018)          

Cocoa Crush            (2018)          

Aeon 14: Origins of Destiny Books

Storming the Norse Wind            (2018)          

Shore Leave (2018)          

Masquerade            (2018)          

Blackest Night         (2018)          

Kill Shot         (2018)          

Aeon 14: Building New Canaan Books

Carthage       (2018)          

Tyre    (2018)          

Troy   (2019)          

Athens           (2019)          

Aeon 14: Legends of the Sentience Wars Books


The Proteus Bridge            (2018)          

Vesta Burning          (2018)          

Aeon 14: Genevian Queen Books

Rika Rising    (2019)          

Rika Coronated       (2019)          

Rika Destroyer        (2020)          

Aeon 14: Solar War Books

Eve of Destruction (2019)          

The Spreading Fire (2019)          

A Fire Upon Worlds           (2020)          

Aeon 14: Empire Books

The Empress and the Ambassador        (2019)          

Consort of the Scorpion Queen (2020)          

By the Empress’s Command        (2020)          

Aeon 14: Delta Team Books

The Eden Job           (2019)          

The Disknee World            (2019)          

Rogue Planets         (2020)          

Aeon 14: Sol Dissolution Books


Venusian Uprising  (2019)          

Assault on Sedna    (2020)          

Aeon 14: Serenity Books

Return to the Ordus          (2020)          

Aeon 14: Ascenscion War Books

Scions of Humanity           (2020)          

Quantum Legends Books

Anomaly on Cerka (2019)          

Perseus Gate Books

The Gate At the Grey Wolf Star (2017)          

The World At the Edge of Space            (2017)          

The Dance On the Moons of Serenity  (2017)          

The Last Bastion of Star City        (2017)          

The Toll Road Between the Stars           (2017)          

The Final Stroll on Perseus’s Arm          (2017)          

Rika’s Marauders Books

Rika Mechanized    (2017)          

Rika Outcast            (2017)          

Rika Redeemed       (2017)          

Rika Triumphant     (2018)          

Rika Commander   (2018)          

Rika Infiltrator         (2018)          

Rika Unleashed       (2018)          

Rika Conqueror      (2019)          

Warlord Books

The Woman Without a World    (2017)          

The Woman Who Seized an Empire     (2017)          

The Woman Who Lost Everything        (2018)          

Sentience Wars – Origins Books

Lyssa’s Dream         (2017)          

Lyssa’s Run   (2017)          

Lyssa’s Flight            (2018)          

Lyssa’s Call    (2018)          

Lyssa’s Flame           (2018)          

Pew! Pew! Books

Pew! Pew! – Sex, Guns, Spaceships… Oh My!           (2017)          

Pew! Pew! – The Quest for More Pew!            (2017)          

Pew! Pew! – Bite My Shiny Metal Pew!           (2017)          

Pew! Pew! – A Fist Full of Pews! (2018)          

Aeon 14: Perseus Gate Season 2 Books

A Meeting of Minds and Bodies (2018)          

A Deception and a Promise Kept           (2018)          

A Surreptitious Rescue of Friends and Foes   (2018)          

A Victory and a Crushing Defeat            (2019)          

A Trial and the Tribulations         (2020)          

Aeon 14: Machete System Bounty Hunter Books

Hired Gun     (2018)          

Gunning For Trouble         (2018)          

With Guns Blazing  (2018)          

Aeon 14: Hand’s Assassin Books

Death Dealer           (2018)          

Non-Fiction Books

The Aeon 14 Reading Guide: Where to begin your journey or go next in the Aeon 14 Universe            (2017)                                              

List of books by M.D. Cooper

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author M.D. Cooper. If we missed any be sure to let us know in comments of via the Contact Us.

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