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List of books by Lucy Daniels

List of Books by Lucy Danielswith Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Lucy Daniels. Find my selection in date order of Lucy Daniels’s novels.

Lucy Daniels List of Books to Read

Animal Ark Books

Kittens in the Kitchen        (1994)          

Pony in the Porch  (1994)          

Puppies in the Pantry        (1994)          

Goat in the Garden            (1994)          

Hedgehogs in the Hall       (1994)          

Badger in the Basement   (1994)          

Cub in the Cupboard         (1994)          

Piglet in a Playpen  (1994)          

Sheepdog in the Snow      (1995)          

Owl in the Office    (1995)          

Lamb in the Laundry         (1995)          

Bunnies in the Bathroom (1995)          

Donkey On The Doorstep            (1995)          

Hamster in a Hamper        (1996)          

Goose on the Loose           (1996)          

Calf in the Cottage (1996)          

Koalas in a Crisis     (1996)          

Wombat in the Wild          (1996)          

Roo on the Rock     (1996)          

Gorilla in the Glade            (1996)          

Squirrels in the School      (1997)          

Guinea Pig in the Garage (1997)          

Fawn in the Forest (1997)          

Shetland in the Shed         (1997)          

Swan in the Swim  (1997)          

Lion By the Lake     (1997)          

Elephants In The East        (1997)          

Monkeys On the Mountain         (1997)          

Dog at the Door      (1997)          

Foals in the Field     (1997)          

Sheep at the Show (1998)          

Racoons On the Roof        (1998)          

Dolphin in the Deep          (1998)          

Bears in the Barn    (1998)          

Otter in the Outhouse      (1998)          

Whale in the Waves          (1998)          

Hound at the Hospital       (1998)          

Rabbits On the Run            (1998)          

Horse in the House            (1998)          

Panda in the Park   (1999)          

Tiger On The Track            (1999)          

Chinchilla Up the Chimney          (1999)          

Puppy in a Puddle  (1999)          

Leopard At the Lodge       (2000)          

Giraffe in a Jam       (2000)          

Hippo in a Hole       (2000)          

Foxes on the Farm (2000)          

Badgers By the Bridge       (2000)          

Deer on the Drive  (2000)          

Animals in the Ark  (2001)          

Mare in the Meadow        (2001)          

Cats in a Caravan    (2001)          

Polars On the Path (2002)          

Seals On the Sled    (2002)          

Husky in a Hut         (2002)          

Beagle in the Basket          (2002)          

Bunny On a Barge  (2002)          

Guinea-pigs in the Greenhouse  (2002)          

Dalmatian in the Dales      (2002)          

Lambs in the Lane  (2003)          

Animal Ark Pets Books

Puppy Puzzle           (1996)          

Kitten Crowd           (1996)          

Rabbit Race  (1996)          

Hamster Hotel         (1996)          

Mouse Magic           (1996)          

Chick Challenge      (1996)          

Guinea Pig Gang     (1996)          

Pony Parade            (1997)          

Gerbil Genius           (1998)          

Duckling Diary        (1998)          

Lambs Lessons        (1998)          

Doggy Dare (with Ben M Baglio)           (1998)          

Cat Crazy      (1998)          

Pets’ Party    (1998)          

Hedgehog Home    (1999)          

Frog Friends            (1999)          

Bunny Bonanza      (1999)          

Ferret Fun    (1999)          

Rat Riddle     (1999)          

Cat’s Cradle  (1999)          

Piglet Pranks            (2000)          

Spaniel Surprise      (2000)          

Animal Ark Holiday Special Books

Seal on the Shore   (1997)          

Fox in the Frost       (1997)          

Hamster in the Holly         (1998)          

Ponies at the Point (1998)          

Pony in the Post     (1999)          

Pig’s Picnic    (1999)          

Pup At the Palace   (2000)          

Mouse in the Mistletoe     (2000)          

Porpoise in the Pool          (2001)          

Terrier in the Tinsel            (2001)          

Stallion In The Stable         (2002)          

Cat in the Candlelight        (2002)          

Kitten Kisses (2002)          

Labrador On the Lawn     (2003)          

Racehorse in the Rain       (2003)          

Siamese in the Sun (2004)          

Kitten in the Cold    (2005)          

Jess: The Border Collie Books

The Arrival   (1998)          

The Challenge          (1998)          

The Runaway          (1998)          

The Betrayal            (1999)          

The Sacrifice            (1999)          

The Homecoming   (1999)          

The Discovery         (2000)          

The Gift         (2000)          

The Promise (2000)          

Animal Ark Hauntings Books

Stallion in the Storm          (1999)          

Cat in the Crypt       (1999)          

Dog in the Dungeon          (1999)          

Colt in the Cave (with Ben M Baglio)    (2000)          

Hound on the Heath         (2000)          

Wolf at the Window          (2000)          

Foal in the Fog        (2001)          

Deer in the Darkness         (2001)          

Cats in the Castle    (2001)          

Horseshoe Trilogies Books

Last Hope     (1999)          

Keeping Faith          (2000)          

Sweet Charity          (2002)          

In Good Faith          (2003)          

Where There’s Hope         (2003)          

Charity Begins At Home   (2003)          

Leap of Faith            (2004)          

Full of Hope (2004)          

Charity’s Gift            (2004)          

Animal Ark Pets Holiday Special Books

Foal Frolics   (1999)          

Nine Lives Books

Emerald, Amber and Jet   (1999)          

Ginger, Nutmeg and Clove          (1999)          

Daisy, Buttercup and Weed        (1999)          

The Return of Ginger, Nutmeg and Clove       (2001)          

The Return of Daisy, Buttercup and Weed     (2001)          

The Return of Emerald, Amber and Jet            (2001)          

Dolphin Diaries Books

Into the Blue            (2000)          

Touching the Waves          (2000)          

Riding the Storm    (2000)          

Under the Stars      (2000)          

Chasing the Dream            (2001)          

Racing the Wind     (2001)          

Dancing the Seas    (2001)          

Following the Rainbow     (2003)          

Leaving the Shallows         (2003)          

Beyond the Sunrise           (2003)          

Little Animal Ark Books

The Playful Puppy  (2001)          

The Curious Kitten (2001)          

The Midnight Mouse         (2001)          

The Brave Bunny    (2001)          

The Lucky Lamb      (2002)          

The Happy Hamster          (2002)          

The Clever Cat         (2007)          

The Party Pony       (2007)          

The Cheeky Chick   (2007)          

The Proud Piglet     (2007)          

The Fearless Fox     (2007)          

The Friendly Foal    (2007)          

Little Animal Ark     (2009)          

Animal Ark Pets Summer Shows Books

Horse Hero  (2002)          

Calf Capers   (2002)          

Safari Summer Books

Pride  (2003)          

Hunted          (2003)          

Tusk   (2003)          

Chase (2004)          

Instinct          (2004)          

Howl  (2004)          

Little Dolphin Books

Hattie’s New House           (2004)          

Party Time for Poppy!      (2004)          

Oscar’s Best Friends          (2004)          

Milo’s Big Mistake  (2004)          

Sammy’s Secret      (2005)          

Fergal’s Flippers      (2005)          

Hope Meadows Books

Summer at Hope Meadows        (2017)          

Christmas at Mistletoe Cottage  (2017)          

Sprintime at Wildacre       (2018)          

Snowflakes over Moon Cottage            (2018)          

New Animal Ark Books

Kitten Rescue           (2018)          

Bunny Trouble        (2018)          

Fox Club Danger     (2018)          

Puppy in Peril          (2018)          

Non Fiction Books

The Book of Balanced Living (with Lucy McCarraher)         (2002)                                                          

List of books by Lucy Daniels

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Lucy Daniels. If we missed any be sure to let us know in comments of via the Contact Us.

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