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List of books by Loretta Jackson

List of Books by Loretta Jacksonwith Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case,Loretta Jackson.Find myselection in date order of Loretta Jackson’s novels.

Loretta Jackson List of Books to Read

Kate Jepp Mystery Books

Stone of Vengeance          (2008)          

Luck of the Draw Western Books

The Fifth Ace           (2009)          

The Wild Card         (2009)          

Ardis Cole Books

The Curse of Senmut         (2011)          

Unmarked Grave   (2011)          

The Crimson Masquerade           (2011)          

Murder and the Monalet Ruby  (2012)          

Pre-Columbian Treasure Books

The Mayan Mask Of Death         (2011)          

The Lost City of the Condor         (2012)          

High Country Mystery Books

Murder in Black and White         (2011)          

Whispers of the Stones    (2012)          

Stealer of Horses    (2012)          

The Executioner’s Hood   (2014)          

Loyalty          (2014)          

An Icy Death            (2015)          

Crying Woman Bridge      (2015)          

Murder and the Good Old Boys’ Club  (2016)          

Rapid River Hoax    (2018)          

Jeff McQuede Mystery Books

The Horse in the Corner   (2016)          

King Henry’s Christmas     (2017)          

Standalone Novels

Path of the Jaguar  (1989)          

Nightmare in Morocco     (1989)          

Chuck the Horse Who Cared      (1993)          

Ragweed the Horse Who Lost Her Cool           (1993)          

White-boy the Proud Horse        (1993)          

The Dangerous Cliffs of Severon           (1993)          

Casper the Horse Who Hates Bands     (1994)          

Princess the Lucky Horse (1994)          

Wake of Evil (1995)          

Apache the Horse Who Needs a Friend           (1995)          

Amos the Cowboy Mouse           (1996)          

Clovis (1997)          

No Longer Drifting (2003)          

Death Blow  (2004)          

Viking Crown           (2006)          

Flames of Deceit     (2007)          

Bitter Melody          (2008)          

The Devil’s Game    (2008)          

The Destruction of Neva  (2011)          

Killer of Eagles         (2011)          

The Pirated Emerald          (2011)          

Death Comes in Pairs        (2012)          

Arctic Legacy           (2013)          

Consider Me Dead (2013)          

The Vanished Lady (2013)          

Rails and Aces          (2014)          

Three to Die (2014)          

What Miss Kitty Saw         (2018)          

Short Stories/Novellas

A Blessing     (2011)          

The Muse Incarnate          (2014)          

The Memory of a Murder            (2016)          

Run if You Can         (2016)          

Non-Fiction Books

Fiction: From Writing to Publication    (2012)          

Homespun Courage          (2012)          

List of books by Loretta Jackson

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Loretta Jackson.If we missed any be sure to let us know in comments of via the Contact Us.

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