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Top 5 Tracks of Little Mix

We know how excited you are to be swept away by music through Little Mixs Top 5 Tracks. Australian Unwrapped would like to give you first a glimpse of the life of the artist. Enjoy reading and listening!

All about Little Mix 

Who are Little Mix: Jade Thirlwall, Perrie Edwards, and Leigh-Anne Pinnock comprised the British girl group Little Mix. They won The X Factor’s eighth season. Their debut album DNA, is the top-charting debut for a British girl group on the US Billboard 200 chart. Little Mix’s first number-one album on the UK Albums Chart is Glory Days. This is the most time (five weeks) a girl group has spent at number one since Spice Girls’ debut.

Origin: London, England

Genres: Pop – R&B – Dance-pop

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Little Mix was originally called Rhythmix before changing to Little Mix later on.
They love Crisps! Nine packets of crisps a day is what Perrie can eat, a crisp sandwich is Jade’s favorite cheap meal, and Leigh-Anne can’t resist nachos (which are basically crisps!).
The Little Mix have released dolls, calendars, T-shirts, and even M&Ms.

We freaking love music here at Unwrapped, and we adore Little Mix. In our humble opinion, here are the BEST FIVE SONGS by the legendary Little Mix (most liked, listened and downloaded songs) across the web!!!

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Five All-Time Best Songs of Little Mix

        1. Shout Out to My Ex
        2. Black Magic
        3. Secret Love Song (feat. Jason Derulo)
        4. Woman Like Me (feat. Nicki Minaj)
        5. Touch

Shout Out to My Ex

Length: 4:06

Release: 2016

Opening Lyrics:

This is a shout out to my ex
Heard he in love with some other chick
Yeah, yeah, that hurt me, I’ll admit
Forget that boy, I’m over it
I hope she gettin’ better sex
Hope she ain’t fakin’ it like I did, babe
Took four long years to call it quits
Forget that boy, I’m over it
Guess I should say thank you
For the “hate yous” and the tattoos
Oh baby, I’m cool by the way
Ain’t sure I loved you anyway
Go ‘head, babe, I’ma live my life, my life, yeah
Shout out to my ex, you’re really quite the man
You made my heart break and that made me who I am
Here’s to my ex, hey, look at me now
Well, I, I’m all the way up

Black Magic

Length: 3:31

Release: 2015

Opening Lyrics:

All the girls on the block knocking at my door
Wanna know what it is, make the boys want more
Is your lover
Playing on your side?
Said he loves you
But he ain’t got time
Here’s the answer
Come and get it
At a knocked down price
Full of honey
Just to make him sweet
Crystal balling
Just to help him see
What he’s been missing
So come and get it
While you’ve still got time
Get your boy on his knees

Secret Love Song (feat. Jason Derulo)

Length: 4:09

Release: 2016

Opening Lyrics:

When you hold me in the street
And you kiss me on the dancefloor
I wish that it could be like that
Why can’t it be like that?
Cause I’m yours
We keep behind closed doors
Every time I see you I die a little more
Stolen moments that we steal as the curtain falls
It’ll never be enough
It’s obvious you’re meant for me
Every piece of you it just fits perfectly
Every second, every thought, I’m in so deep
But I’ll never show it on my face
But we know this, we got a love that is hopeless

Woman Like Me (feat. Nicki Minaj)

Length: 3:49

Release: 2018

Opening Lyrics:

I always say what I’m feeling
I was born without a zip on my mouth
Sometimes I don’t even mean it
It takes a little while to figure me out
I like my coffee with two sugars in it
High heels and my jewellery dripping
Drink and I get all fired up
(Hey hey hey)
Insecure but I’m working with it
Many things that I could get rid of
Ain’t about to give it up
I made a few mistakes, I regret it nightly
I broke a couple hearts that I wear on my sleeve
My momma always said “Girl, you’re trouble” and
And now I wonder, could you fall for a woman like me


Length: 3:33

Release: 2017

Opening Lyrics:

You and I and nobody else
Feeling feelings I’ve never felt
The way you got me under your spell
Don’t you keep it all to yourself
So won’t you take it?
I feel like for the first time I am not faking
Fingers on my buttons and now you’re playing
Master of anticipation, don’t you keep it all to yourself
Just a touch of your love is enough
To knock me off of my feet all week
Just a touch of your love, oh
Just a touch of your love, oh
Just a touch of your love is enough
To take control of my whole body


Little Mix : A Song List Worth Listening

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