Listen to “It Always Gets Better” by Kiko Shy-Shy

Top Rated Song From Kiko Shy-Shy

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Here’s the lyrics of the song,

We’ve had our good times together

You’ve been there for me and I for you

Through sunshine and stormy weather

But it’s a path I can’t continue

Cause your bringing me down, now

I tried to help you but I have found

I can only advise you I can’t lead you anywhere

And so I’ve got to go my own way

And you’ve got to find your own road (find your own road)

Cause it’s your path that you should be walking

And I need to stick to mine

Don’t get me wrong it’s been fun all along

But we need to go where we belong

And maybe somewhere up ahead

We will meet up again

But for now I need to find my own way and you need to find your own road

(Instrumental breakdown with some words throughout:)

Find your own road

You have your own path to follow

You have a journey ahead of you and I, I do too

Cause we can only control ourselves

We can only choose our own way

Our lives are in our hands and no one else’s

So let’s start our journeys today

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