List of Best Paid Apple Apps – Worth Buying From App Store

List of best paid apple apps – worth buying from App Store: Apple products are the most prestigious devices in the world. So does the application we used on iPhone or iPad. We already know that premium features are gonna cost some bucks. I am talking about best paid Apple apps. Most entertaining and addicting apps are not for free. Well they are not expensive, they cost just few bucks.

List of Best Paid Apple Apps – Worth Buying From App Store

So to avoid limitless scrolling through iTunes Store, just have a look on following best paid Apple apps.


First in the list is Minecraft. I am sure you have heard about this game. It is a virtual reality for anyone who have love for lego. This game is about placing blocks to make structure. And let me  tell you, you can make anything, I repeat anything! It has different game mode to push your creativity to next level. With few bucks, you can actually make weapons, homes and armors etc with blocks.

Price of Minecraft: $6.9

Heads Up:

If you are fan of Ellen Degenres, then you gotta try this amazing app. The New York times called this app a “ Sensation” and Cosmopolitan commented “ will be the best dollar you’ve spent”.

In this game you have to guess celebrity names, songs, things, animals, music instruments etc what ever is on the card. You have to guess from the clues of your friend. Simply tilt the phone for drawing next cue.

Price of Heads Up: $0.99

Plague Inc.:

This is a great strategic game. Do you ever think of ending the world with plague! I know strange question. This is a great simulation games, in which you miz up highly contagious pathogens to end the humanity on the plaent against all odds. This game has its charm that’s why it is top game with 500 million plus game played.

Price of Plague Inc.: $0.99


Facetune is great photo editing app. What unique about this app is photoshop retouching of your selfies with artisitic filters used for celebrities. You can have this app for just few bucks.

Price of Facetune: $3.99

New Emoji:

Emojis are the fun way to communicate your emotions with such preciseness. New Emoji App allows you to send countless latest emojis. You can add your custom emojis too. New backgrounds and text styles are the extras come with this app.

Price of New Emoji: $1.99

Let us know which one is your most favorite paid apple app for your iPhone or ipad?

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