Top 10 Christian Stories to Tell Kids this Christmas 2022

Ten Christmas 2022 Christian Stories to Tell Kids

The article below provides an overview of the top 10 Christmas 2022 Christian stories to tell kids. The tales present colourful opportunities to share with young children.

1. Daniel and the Lion’s Den

The story about Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego and the Babylon king presents a good learning account about honesty and faith. Do not forget about the lion’s den. An excellent story to keep children entertained.

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2. David

David and his life as a shepherd-boy provide a down-to-earth child’s story focused on bravery. David’s triumph over the big Goliath tells events of strength and confidence. It provides small children with an insight into life’s struggles but the ability to overcome.

3. Jacob and Esau

The story about Jacob and Esau presents an interesting and learning experience in family relations. The role of their parents Isaac and Rebekah, losing Esau’s birthright to his brother and Jacob’s reaction to it provides children with insight about sibling relationships. It also presents an understanding into taking responsibility for one’s actions.

4. Moses and the Ten Commandments

Moses and his pilgrimage up the mountain provide an excellent colourful story to explain the meaning of obedience. The Christian story allows one to share the reasoning and the meaning of the ten commandments within a playful context. It presents a colourful way to teach children about the fundamentals of life.

5. Noah and the Ark

Noah building his big ark to rescue animals across the world provides a story of care for nature and life. The story provides an opportunity to teach children about the big flood and the rescue of humankind.

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6. Adam and Eve

Adam, Eve and the garden story provide opportunities to explain the origins of humankind and the role of disobedience. It presents a colourful story to teach children about the meaning of responsibility.

7. The Tower of Babel

The Tower of Babel story presents lessons about pride and the subsequent downfall of humankind. The Christian story provides an intrinsic explanation to give young children an understanding of diverse negatives surrounding the occurrence of too much proudness.

8. The Birth of Jesus

Mary’s birth to baby Jesus, the shepherds and the angels, display lessons of caring and emotions of hope. The message of faith allows one to teach children opportunities inclusive of meaning and continuous motivation. The story environment in Bethlehem presents an interesting and insightful milieu to entertain young children.

9. Jesus Calms the Storm

Jesus, who calms the storm and helps the scared disciples presents a story of continuous faith. The narrative background at the sea of Galilee offers an opportunity to explain the occurrence of life storms and the ability to keep the faith. The narrative offers meanings of commitment and hope in life.

10. The Prodigal Son

The Prodigal Son story who returned home to the open arms of his father presents a story of family love and cherished emotions. The returned son who received forgiveness provides an opportunity to teach children about unlimited care for each other.

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