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Ten of My Favourite Lindsay McKenna Quotes 

Lindsay McKenna, a writer whom I am guessing you love? Here are our 10 best Lindsay McKenna quotes for you to enjoy. At Australia Unwrapped we believe every book has at least one quotable line, and our mission is to find them all. Here you will find Lindsay McKenna’s top 10 popular and famous quotes. Like every good writer Lindsay McKenna made a number of memorable quotes, here are some of our favourites: 

Popular Quotes

“THE SUN FELT good on Cathy’s face.”
― Lindsay McKenna, Danger Close

 “Later, as they sat at one another’s elbows, eating dinner at the employee house where they lived, Roan detected a subtle sense of happiness around Shiloh. Again, nothing obvious, but his operator’s senses told him that. “You said you were writing a chapter? On your latest book? The one that’s due to your editor’s desk?”

“Yes.” She shrugged. “I woke up this morning WANTING to write for the first time since coming here.” She met his gray gaze, seeing interest in them. Roan, she was discovering, missed nothing. He listened to her without ever interrupting her flow of thought. “First time.”

“Is this a good thing?” he wondered, adding more spoonfuls of whipped potatoes onto his plate.

“Sure is,” she sighed, giving him a look of relief. “I’ve had writer’s block for the last six months. I just haven’t felt the driving passion to write.” She added some green beans onto her plate. “Ever since the stalker came into my life, my writing has turned off.”

“Kind of expected?”

“I suppose,” Shiloh muttered. “It’s hurt me in so many ways, seen and unseen.”

“It’s what we in the military call psy ops or psychological warfare.”
― Lindsay McKenna, Wind River Wrangler

“I always call that the year it rained in my life. That was one of Maud’s euphemisms. There were rainy years, fertile years and sunshine years. The rainy ones were when your life cycles brought losses of some sorts. Fertile years were years of learning and growing and reaching out. Sunshine years were few and far between, but when they came, she told me to soak myself with their happy radiance. They were reward years to her, and they made up for all the suffering, pain and growth we’d persevered through.”
― Lindsay McKenna, A Measure of Love

 “Shiloh had never seen a man who was a hunter. But she saw one now. There was an intense feeling around Roan, raw and untamed, as he studied her, his nostrils flaring to catch her scent. He ruthlessly dug into her opening eyes, reading her, trying to understand where she was at within herself and what she wanted from him.
“This is your call,” he said, his voice low and guttural.”
― Lindsay McKenna, Wind River Wrangler

 “She could literally feel the heat of his body; they were inches apart. She inhaled deeply, his masculine scent mixed with dust and sweat. Heat tore down through her and she gazed up into those gray eyes that studied her in the building silence. He wanted her. The thought was shocking. What was more shocking and disconcerting to Shiloh was she wanted him!”
― Lindsay McKenna, Wind River Wrangler

 “She felt his fingers caress her scalp, the sensations swift, heated shocks rocking through her body. His breath was punctuated against her cheek and nose. The tension mounted in him until Shiloh felt as if he would snap and break, unleashing that throbbing sexual power she sensed so intensely around him.”
― Lindsay McKenna, Wind River Wrangler

“Let’s get one thing clear between us, Shiloh. I would never laugh at you. I might tease the dickens out of you, but I would never, ever make fun of you. That’s not who I am. I don’t believe in humiliating another person. It’s not in my DNA.”
― Lindsay McKenna, Wind River Wrangler

 “She looked over at him, her eyes warm. “Your face has a story to tell.”
Mouth quirking, Roan growled, “It’s a top-secret face, Darlin’.”
― Lindsay McKenna, Wind River Wrangler

“Frowning, Shiloh forced herself to look up at him. Roan deserved her courage, not her cowardice. “You wanted to kiss me.”
“I still do.”
― Lindsay McKenna, Wind River Wrangler

“He leaned over, catching her lowered gaze. “I’m the present, Darlin’.”
― Lindsay McKenna, Wind River Wrangler

10 Famous Quotes by Author Lindsay McKenna

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One Final Bonus – Lindsay McKenna Quote 

“Roan studied the photo in his hand. Shiloh Gallagher
had to be twenty-nine years old according to what Maud
had told him. Damned if she didn’t look twenty-five or so,
her features unlined. She wasn’t model pretty, but she had
an arresting face, with huge intelligent-looking green eyes.
His gaze dropped to her mouth and he felt himself stir. Her
mouth would make any man go crazy. Her upper lip was
full, but thinner than her lower one. The shape of her mouth
made him feel heat in his lower body. “Is she married?”

“No,” Maud said. She’s single. Never did marry. I don’t know why. Shiloh’s
a beautiful girl.”

She was hardly a girl, but Roan said nothing because he
was fully reacting to her as a woman. He wondered if she
was curvy or rail thin. He was disgruntled over his avid
curiosity. “I have no problem with it. You know I get up
early and come in late. She’s going to have to fend for herself.
I’m not cooking for her.”

“Right,” Maud agreed. “She’s pretty shaken up, Roan.
You might find that stressful until, hopefully, Shiloh will
start to relax.”

Shrugging, he slid the photo onto the desk. “Maud, I just
hope I don’t stress her out with my award-winning personality,”
he said, and he cracked a small, sour grin.

Maud cackled. “I think you’ll like her, Roan. She’s a
very kind person. An introvert like you. Just remember,
she’s trying to write. Because of the stalking, she’s suffering
from writer’s block and she’s got a book due to her
editor in six months. So, she’s under a lot of other stress.”
“I’ll handle it, Maud. No problem.”

“Good,” Maud said, relieved. She sat up in the chair.
“I’ll call Shiloh back, let her know she can come, and I’ll
find out what time she’s arriving tomorrow. I’d like you to
pick her up at the Jackson Hole Airport. So take that photo
with you.”

He stood, settling the cowboy hat on his head. “Don’t
need the photo.” Because her face was already stamped

across his heart. Whatever that meant. “I’ll find her after
she deplanes, don’t worry. Just get back to me on the time.”
― Lindsay McKenna, Wind River Wrangler

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