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List of books by Linda O Johnston

List of Books by Linda O Johnstonwith Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case,Linda O Johnston.Find myselection in date order of Linda O Johnston’s novels.

Linda O Johnston List of Books to Read

Kendra Ballantyne Books

Sit, Stay, Slay           (2005)          

Nothing To Fear But Ferrets        (2005)          

Fine-Feathered Death       (2006)          

Meow is for Murder          (2007)          

The Fright of the Iguana   (2007)          

Double Dog Dare   (2008)          

Never Stay Sty        (2009)          

Howl Deadly            (2009)          

Feline Fatale            (2010)          

Alpha Force Books

Alpha Wolf   (2009)          

Alaskan Wolf           (2010)          

Cougar’s Conquest (2011)          

Guardian Wolf        (2011)          

Hawk’s Challenge   (2011)          

Undercover Wolf   (2013)          

Untamed Wolf        (2014)          

Loyal Wolf    (2014)          

Canadian Wolf        (2015)          

Protector Wolf        (2017)          

Visionary Wolf        (2018)          

Pet Rescue Mysteries Books

Beaglemania            (2011)          

The More the Terrier        (2011)          

Hounds Abound     (2012)          

Oodles of Poodles  (2013)          

Nonstop Spaniels   (2013)          

Teacup Turbulence            (2014)          

Chihuahua Chaos   (2014)          

Superstition Mysteries Books

Lost Under a Ladder          (2014)          

Knock on Wood      (2015)          

Unlucky Charms     (2016)          

Barkery& Biscuits Mysteries Books

Bite the Biscuit        (2015)          

To Catch a Treat     (2016)          

Bad to the Bone      (2017)          

Pick & Chews           (2018)          

For a Good Paws    (2019)          

K-9 Ranch Rescue Books

Second Chance Soldier     (2018)          

Trained to Protect  (2018)          

Standalone Novels

A Glimpse of Forever        (1995)          

The Glass Slipper    (1996)          

Point in Time           (1998)          

Stranger on the Mountain           (1999)          

Alias Mommy          (2000)          

Once a Cavalier       (2000)          

The Ballad of Jack O’Dair (2000)          

Marriage: Classified           (2001)          

Operation: Reunited         (2002)          

Tommy’s Mom        (2002)          

Special Agent Nanny         (2003)          

Not a Moment Too Soon (2004)          

Guardian of Her Heart      (2004)          

Lawful Engagement           (2004)          

Claws of the Lynx   (2009)          

Back to Life  (2009)          

Undercover Soldier           (2012)          

Covert Attraction   (2013)          

Covert Alliance        (2016)          

Short Story Collections

Awakening the Beast        (2009)          

Night of the Shifter            (2014)          


Last Exit to Murder            (2013)                                  

List of books by Linda O Johnston

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Linda O Johnston.If we missed any be sure to let us know in comments of via the Contact Us.

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