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Ten of My Favourite Lin Carter Quotes 

Lin Carter, a writer whom I am guessing you love? Here are our 10 best Lin Carter quotes for you to enjoy. At Australia Unwrapped we believe every book has at least one quotable line, and our mission is to find them all. Here you will find Lin Carter’s top 10 popular and famous quotes. Like every good writer Lin Carter made a number of memorable quotes, here are some of our favourites: 

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“The sun was well up now; the morning air was fresh and bright and keen. The sky was a glorious blue, decorated here and there with small, crisply curled white clouds. Below them lay the immeasurable vastness of Old Earth’s last and greatest continent, Gondwane the Great, thronged with its innumerable cities and nations and empires, filled with unexplored mountains and rivers, valleys and deserts, plains and forests, jungles and lakes. There dwelt strange people and mysterious beings,”
― Lin Carter, The Warrior of World’s End

 “Supernatural creatures never known to men lurked in many a chasm and crevice and cave; conquerors and warlords, sorceresses and wizards, plotted and schemed, dreaming their dreams and working their marvels. A worldwide land lay beneath their flying keel, a world they had as yet only begun to explore, a world that held yet many strange and perilous adventures for them.”
― Lin Carter, The Warrior of World’s End

“it had always been the custom in Jemmerdy for young women between the ages of fourteen and (if unmarried) forty, to hold positions in the Nine Knightly Fellowships which comprised the army of the Jemmerdines. At seventeen, Xarda was dubbed knight — or “knightrix,” as the female soldiers were called in her homeland.”
― Lin Carter, The Warrior of World’s End

 “I see no reason why we should fill our every waking hour with brooding over the evils of the day. At least you will admit it is fun to lean back in a comfortable chair on a cold rainy evening, […] and escape into the pages of an extravagant romance, if only for an hour or two.”
― Lin Carter, Conan the Buccaneer

 “When venturing into a dangerous region I generally let Azgelasgus accompany me. His metal strength has saved my skin on more than one occasion.” “Azgelasgus?” “Yes, I named him after the famous hero of legend; he is every bit as brave, and probably several times stronger.”
― Lin Carter, The Warrior of World’s End

 “A full-length suit of fantastic armor, made of the blue metal called nthium, stood in one corner. When the Illusionist addressed it the metal creature creaked into life and motion. “Hail, master!” boomed a hoarse voice from within the empty helm.”
― Lin Carter, The Warrior of World’s End

“Philosophy is all very well,” said the Bazonga bird. “For philosophers! But we are adventurers, bound on a quest of derring-do and all that sort of thing. Less chitchat and more action, say I!”
― Lin Carter, The Warrior of World’s End

 “just this once I will say I approve of your impulse to transgress my edicts and admit you were quite right in following the instincts of your heart.”
― Lin Carter, The Warrior of World’s End

“I am a knightrix, sworn to lend my blade to the defense of the defenseless, and sworn to strike a blow for justice against injustice!”
― Lin Carter, The Warrior of World’s End

“He said it aloud, in a great ringing voice.
Yuth-Kaathak ngom’m! Ygar naa Ithorthak! Sh’ayaa Ubb nagarr’nya Ib! Ib-nya gryalak!”
― Lin Carter, The Flame of Iridar

10 Famous Quotes by Author Lin Carter

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