Let’s Compare iPhone 6S Vs LG G4

iPhone 6S Vs LG G4: In the rapidly changing tech environment, we get to see new tech gadgets every single day. Smartphone is the best invention made by human. Right now, every tech company is in the race of bringing best smart phone in the market.

From features to design to specifications, every brand is trying so hard to come up with end most technology. For example, iPhone 6S and LG G4 are the latest two rivals as the smart phones.

Problem is what to choose? Both are great devices.

iPhone 6S Vs LG G4 comparison

For your convenience, we have listed down comparison between iPhone 6S and LG G4.

Dimensions & Weights:

iPhone 6S is lighter, slimmer and smaller than LG G4 in terms of dimensions and weight. iPhone 6S is significantly bigger than 5S with aluminium body along with round edges. LG G3 was thicker with plastic body. While LG G4 is advanced one with plastic but got new features, like the position of a rear button at back.


 iPhone 6S is equipped with 4.7 inches LCD screen at 326 ppi resolution. While LG G4 is the giant that comes with 5.5 inches IPS LCD screen at 538 ppi. No doubt, G4 got a bigger screen with sharper display.


iPhone 6S is running on the most powerful and intelligent operating system from Apple, that is iOS 9. While LG G4 is android mobile, running on latest Android v5.1 Lollipop.


LG G4 is faster than iPhone 6S as it has 3GB RAM instead of 2GB RAM.


LG G4 is running with Dual Core 1.82 GHz processor. While iPhone 6S is a more powerful device with Dual Core 2GHz processor.


You can store tons of data in three versions of iPhone 6S offered by Apple, 16/64/128 GB. And that is non expandable. On the other  hand, LG G4 memory starts from 32GB and can be expanded upto 128GB.


In terms of camera, LG G4 is a better choice with rear 16 MP HD camera and front camera with 8 MP HD. iPhone  6S is just doing good with the primary camera of 12MP HD and front camera of 5MP HD.


Again LG G4 is at the advantage in terms of battery. LG G4 can work for straight 19 hours while iPhone 6S will go to sleep after 14 hours.


The starting price of iPhone 6S and LG G4 is $1079 and $929. LG G4 is the cheaper option with world class features as compared to iPhone 6S.

Main Image Source : Pixabay

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