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Selection of Lens For Your Camera Made Easy

Lens Selection – With digital DSL in your hand and question in your mind which camera lens to be used for best results? As some lenses are best to meet the demands of a professional photographer and some are for daily use of snapshot photography it is not an easy job to select the lens for your camera. To select the lens for your camera, the brand of the camera is required to be known as lenses are not interchangeable. You will get lenses in the market with respect to the brand of the camera.

Lens Selection – Make the Connection

The reason is nowadays lenses require to be connected electronically with the camera. The information from the lens to the camera is passed on through this connection and hence you can make changes in the setting of the lens through the camera body. These connections between lens and the camera body are different for different camera makers. Next important parameter to be kept in mind in lens selection for your camera is the lens mount. Lens mount is the connection between the camera body and the lens.

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Lens Selection – Manufacture vs 3rd Party

This point becomes more significant if you are to buy a lens from the third party. As the number of lenses available in the market is numerous, there are few steps to narrow down your choice of lenses so that you ultimately select lens for your camera without confusion. Step one in the selection of the lens is to determine the focal length of the lens required. Step two is to make a decision about a prime or zoom lens (the advantages and disadvantages of each discussed in the previous section). Step three is the selection of aperture which has to be highest for the selected lens.

Step four is about making choices between the first party and the third party. This is particularly vital when you are looking for cheaper cost of lenses for your camera. Step five is comparing features that you are to get in addition to normally available. Who does not want something extra at the same price? Step six is to go through reviews and come to the conclusion as per your requirement.

Lens Selection -Good All-Rounder

If you are a first-timer you have to rely on what other users have to say about the lens. Having gone through each step you can compile the points and see to it that you get the lens that is worth your money. After all, you would like to have the best one for your photography. The lens part of the digital camera is also equally important in modern photography.

Lens Selection -Make The Right Choice

With the basic knowledge of lenses in-camera let’s hope that you will make a better choice for your camera to accomplish quality photography with your digital camera. In the next part of the tutorials, some of the very fundamental defects of camera lenses and the methods to overcome them will be discussed in detail. One of the most common defects of lens called vignetting will be told and cleared.

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