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List of books by Leela Hope

List of Books by Leela Hopewith Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Leela Hope. Find my selection in date order of Leela Hope’s novels.

Leela HopeList of Books to Read

Children’s Books

The Bear Who Loved Chocolate (2018)          

Candy Cane Wayne           (2018)          

Winter Muddle-Puddles   (2018)          

The Counting Game           (2018)          

At the Zoo    (2018)          

Good Night Jungle (2018)          

The Animal Guessing Game         (2018)          

Rhino’s Birthday Party      (2018)          

The I Spy Game       (2018)          

Walking with Grandpa     (2018)          

Bert the Squirt        (2018)          

All the Animals I Know      (2018)          

A New Friend In The Jungle         (2018)          

A Book of Rhyming Words          (2018)          

The I Spy Alphabet Game            (2018)          

Wyatt Please Be Quiet      (2018)          

Ned Won’t Go To Bed       (2018)          

Messy Hair Claire   (2018)          

Dirty Gertie  (2018)          

Leonard the Clever Lion   (2018)          

Ernie the Elephant Books

Ernie the Elephant (2018)          

Ernie the Elephant and Martin Learn to Share          (2018)          

Ernie the Elephant and the Teddy Bear           (2018)          

Ernie Teaches Henry Not to Brag           (2018)          

Little Bear Dover Books

Little Bear Dover’s Camping Adventure           (2018)          

Little Bear Dover’s Train Adventure      (2018)          

Little Bear Dover’s Pirate Adventure    (2018)          

Little Bear Dover’s Adventure in the Sky         (2018)          

Princess Nancie Books

Princess Nancie Gets Ready for Bed     (2015)          

Princess Nancie Gets Dressed     (2018)          

Princess Nancie       (2018)          

Princess Nancie Can’t Wait for the Ball            (2018)          

Tim and Finn the Dragon Twins Books

First Day of School (2017)          

Tim and Finn the Dragon Twins – Sharing is Fair       (2018)          

Tim and Finn the Dragon Twins: The Missing Truck (2018)          

Finn’s Upside-Down Day  (2018)          

Myrtle Books

A Home for Myrtle            (2018)          

A Kite Chase for Myrtle    (2018)          

A Party for Myrtle  (2018)          

A New Hat for Myrtle       (2018)          

Randy the Rabbit Books

Randy the Rabbit Flies a Kite       (2018)          

Randy the Rabbit Paints   (2018)          

Randy the Rabbit Eats Too Many Cookies       (2018)          

Randy the Rabbit Builds a Fort   (2018)          

Wally Raccoon Books

Wally Raccoon’s Farm Yard Olympics  (2016)          

Athletics Day           (2018)          

Winter Olympics    (2018)          

Aquatics Day           (2018)          

Team Sports            (2018)          

Lee Books

Lee Cleans His Room         (2015)          

Lee and His Big Hair           (2018)          

Lee Has to Stop Eating Candy     (2018)          

Lee and His Giant Ear        (2018)          

Jarod Giraffe Books

Jarod Giraffe Goes to the Dentist          (2018)          

Jarod the Giraffe Gets Lost          (2018)          

Jarod Giraffe Learns to Share     (2018)          

Jarod the Giraffe Needs to Get Fit         (2018)          

Pam the Puppy Books

Pam the Puppy Learns How to be Special       (2018)          

Pam the Puppy and Her Big Ball            (2018)          

Pam the Puppy Learns to Jump (2018)          

Pam the Puppy Learns to Run    (2018)          

Penny Books

Penny Stays Up Way Too Late    (2018)          

Penny’s First Day At School         (2018)          

Penny’s Missing Toy Mystery     (2018)          

Penny Learns to Cooperate         (2018)          

Derek the Dragon Books

Derek the Dragon and the Missing Socks        (2018)          

Derek the Dragon and the Tooth Ache            (2018)          

Derek the Dragon and Princess Dayne            (2018)          

Derek the Dragon  (2018)          

Andy Books

Andy and His New T-Shirt            (2018)          

Andy and the Billy Cart     (2018)          

Andy Goes to a Birthday Party   (2018)          

Andy and His New Glasses           (2018)          

Willa the Wolf Books

Willa the Wolf Goes to the Mall (2018)          

Willa the Wolf Has Show and Tell          (2018)          

Willa the Wolf Gets New Shoes  (2018)          

Willa the Ballerina  (2018)          

Walter Wolf Books

Walter Wolf Goes to the Dentist            (2018)          

Walter Wolf Goes to School        (2018)          

Roy Books

Roy the Messy Boy            (2018)

Layla Books

The Many Moods of Layla           (2018)          

Mia the Dragon Books

Mia the Dragon Learns to be Kind         (2018)          

Mia the Dragon Goes to the Fair           (2018)          

Mia the Dragon Learns to Fly     (2018)          

Today Books

In the Garden Today         (2018)          

At the Park Today  (2018)          

At the Beach Today           (2018)          

It’s My Birthday Today     (2018)          

At the Zoo Today    (2018)          

At the Airport Today         (2018)          

Dragon Faye Books

Dragon Faye Saves the Day        (2018)                      

List of books by Leela Hope

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Leela Hope. If we missed any be sure to let us know in comments of via the Contact Us.

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