Leadsom and Gove: Next PM should be Brexit backer

Andrea Leadsom and Michael Gove have emphasized on the importance of the next UK Prime Minister being a supporter of Brexit. Leadsom and Gove are both on a contest to be the next Conservative Party leader.

In a post that Mr. Gove wrote in one of the news outlets, Mr. Gove said that the next PM should have “embraced the vision of independence.”

The contest for the new PM comes after David Cameron announced his resignation plans. He is expected to step down in autumn. Mr. Cameron had campaigned for the Remain but lost.

Whoever takes over after him will play the crucial role of negotiating how UK exits the EU.

Leadsom and Gove – Brexiter only acceptable choice

Andrea Leadsom has said that the main reason the PM resigned is because he did not support Leave. Therefore, he did not have belief in Brexit. This makes it odd to make an appointment of someone who did not support Leave.

She said that doing so would be wrong.

Andrea believes she is the best candidate for the position. She said that if she becomes the PM, she would maximize on the new Brexit opportunities.

She has a big following and support on the social networks. In a recent Official Twitter poll undertaken by Australia Unwrapped, she got 76 per cent of the votes. The participants were in excess of 2000.

The energy minister is inspired by Lady Thatcher, a 1979 to 1990 Conservative Party PM. One of Thatcher’s main attributes is kindness and courteousness.

Why next PM should be Pro-Brexit – Leadsom and Gove

It is clear that Britain is in the verge of changing its course. Just as David Cameron stated during his resignation, UK needs fresh leadership. Such leadership cannot be provided by those who backed EU Remain. In fact this can be viewed to be ridiculous.

Nigel Farage, the UKIP leader, hailed Brexit day as the UK Independence Day. The country is headed to a new era of great opportunities. It needs a leader who fully believes in the course and one who will be able to steady the ship. A Remain campaigner for PM will just “try to steady the ship” as David Cameron said while resigning.

An experienced Prime Minister – Leadsom and Gove

Apart from being a pro-Brexit, the new Prime Minister should have experience at the top level of government and a track record of delivering change.

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