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List of books by Lauren Dane

List of Books by Lauren Dane with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Lauren Dane. Find my selection in date order of Lauren Dane’s novels.

Lauren Dane List of Books to Read

Witches Knot Books

Triad  (2005)          

A Touch of Fire       (2006)          

Vengeance Due      (2007)          

Thrice United           (2007)          

Threat of Darkness            (2009)          

Chase Brothers Books

Giving Chase            (2006)          

Taking Chase           (2007)          

Chased          (2007)          

Making Chase          (2008)          

Cascadia Wolves Books

Enforcer        (2006)          

Tri Mates      (2006)          

Reluctant      (2006)          

Wolf Unbound        (2008)          

Fated (2008)          

Standoff        (2009)          

Unconditional         (2014)          

Twice Bitten (2017)          

Cascadia Wolves Books

Reluctant      (2006)          

Enforcer        (2006)          

Tri Mates      (2006)          

Wolf Unbound        (2008)          

Standoff        (2009)          

Fated (2008)          

Unconditional         (2014)          

Bettencourt Brothers Books

To Do List      (2007)          

Sweet Charity          (2008)          

What Happens In Vegas… Books

What Happens in Vegas   (2008)          

After Dark    (2009)          

Federation Chronicles Books

Undercover (2008)          

Relentless     (2009)          

Brown Siblings Books

Laid Bare       (2009)          

Coming Undone     (2010)          

Inside Out     (2010)          

Never Enough         (2011)          

Laid Open     (2012)          

Drawn Together     (2013)          

Kate & Leah/Black Lace Books

Taking Care of Business    (2009)          

No Reservations     (2009)          

Cherchez Pack Books

Ascension     (2009)          

Fire and Rain           (2009)          

Wolf’s Ascension    (2016)          

Sworn to the Wolf (2016)          

Phantom Corps Books

Insatiable      (2010)          

Mesmerized (2011)          

Captivated    (2012)          

De La Vega Cats Books

Trinity            (2010)          

Revelation    (2011)          

Beneath the Skin    (2012)          

Blade Books

Goddess with a Blade        (2011)          

Blade to the Keep   (2013)          

Blade on the Hunt  (2014)          

At Blade’s Edge       (2015)          

Wrath of the Goddess      (2019)          

Blood and Blade     (2019)          

Petal, Georgia Books

Once and Again      (2011)          

Lost in You    (2013)          

Visits To Petal Short Stories

Alone Time   (2012)          

Girls’ Night Out       (2013)          

Bound By Magick Books

Heart of Darkness  (2011)          

Chaos Burning         (2012)          

Going Under            (2013)          

Wild Darkness         (2013)          

Sensual Magic         (2016)          

Bound By Magick Books

Sensual Magic is a prequel in the series.

Delicious Books

Cherished     (2012)          

Tart    (2012)          

Lush   (2013)          

Hurley Boys Books

The Best Kind of Trouble  (2014)          

Broken Open           (2014)          

Back to You  (2015)          

Ink & Chrome Books

Opening Up (2015)          

Falling Under           (2015)          

Coming Back            (2015)          

Diablo Lake Books

Moonstruck (2016)          

Protected     (2017)          

Metamorphosis Books

All That Remains     (2016)          

Whiskey Sharp Books

Unraveled    (2017)          

Jagged           (2017)          

Torn   (2018)          

Cake Books

Cake   (2013)          

Cake, Book Two      (2018)          

Standalone Novels

Reading Between the Lines         (2008)          

Crown and Blade    (2008)          

Always           (2009)          

Sword and Crown  (2009)          

Second Chances     (2010)          

Stripped        (2015)          

Bettencourt Brothers        (2016)          

Pack Enforcer          (2016)          

Wolves’ Triad          (2017)          

Alpha’s Challenge   (2017)          

Bonded Pair (2017)          

Short Stories/Novellas

Sleight of Hand       (2007)          

Believe           (2010)          

Stripped        (2015)          

Short Story Collections

Sexy Summer Fun  (2007)          

Night Whispers Volume II            (2007)          

Feral Fascination    (2007)          

Holiday Seduction  (2008)          

Holiday Heat            (2009)          

Naughty and Nice  (2010)          

Three to Tango       (2011)          

List of books by Lauren Dane

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Lauren Dane. If we missed any be sure to let us know in comments of via the Contact Us.

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