Latest Features In iOS 9 To Surprise You

Latest features in iOS 9:

iOS 9 is the new operating system released from Apple for iPhone and iPads. Well, we can’t say exactly whole operating system is new. But there are some strong changes and updates that are going to have a huge impact on the performance of iOS 9.

Officially, iOS 9 was released on 16th September. Everyone who is an Apple products maniac, is trying to get hands on this operating system.

New Features in iOS 9

Here we got details on new features offered by iOS 9.

New App Switcher:

The design to get an app from all apps is same like flipping through a deck of cards. But there is a small change in design. For browsing through all apps, you have to double press home button. Apps will be shown on the left side of the screen from where you can pick app of your choice.

Use of Mail for Smarter Caller ID:

iOS 9 uses mail for identifying the contact. This is an optional setting. But if you activate, then email addresses will be completed automatically . iOS 9 is so smart that it can guess an unknown number too.

Photo Navigation:

iOS 9 brings a new way to browse through photos. Just open the photos and you will see a new scroll option at the bottom of the screen. You want to select a collection of photos! You don’t have to select each and every photo. Just tap on first photo and swipe through the last one.

Contact Thumbnails:

Previously, you can get thumbnails for contacts in messages only in the iPhone 6s Plus. But with iOS9 you can get this feature on all iPhone versions. Now, instead number you can have face of person of contact in your message.

Chronological Notifications:

Now, notifications in iOS 9 will be appearing in order. It means the recent notifications will remain on top. You can change this setting. But by default, notifications are going to appear in chronological order.

Siri’s Suggestions:

We all know Siri is the most intelligent virtual assistant on the planet. In iOS 9, Siri’s suggestions are going to appear in the spotlight. Siri will suggest things based on your way using your iPhone. For example, you call your friend every day. This contact will be appear in the spot light.

Automatic Music Response:

This is an interesting feature, whenever you will plug in your ear buds. The music app will be launched on its own. Not only the app, the routine of songs you hear on a daily basis will start too. It means you don’t have to unlock your iPhone to start music app.

Split Screen in iPad:

This is the most unique feature of iOS 9. If you own iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 or iPad mini 4, then you can run two apps on two screens simultaneously. This feature is going to first presented by iOS 9 only.

Automatic organizing Selfies:

If you are selfie maniac, then all the photos taken with front camera re going to be stored in a separate folder named as Selfies by iOS 9.

So these are prime new features of iOS 9. Well, there are many more. For what you are waiting, just update your iOS version in your iPhone or iPad.

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