Labour Crisis: Who is The Possible Jeremy Corbyn Challenger?

Chuka Umunna – Labour Crisis

He resigned from the position of a Shadow Business Secretary in the wake of the Labour crisis. At the start of the contest, Chuka was a favorite leader but stepped down four days after declaring interest.

The 37-year old made some comments earlier this year that hinted desire to rule. He said that “I would never say never again;” words that some translated to mean a fresh challenge for leadership.

Mr. Umunna constantly describes himself as a “modern European social democrat” and a “One Nation Labour.”

After the referendum results came out, he was quoted across news outlets with the statement: “Our main striker often wasn’t on the pitch and when he was, he failed to put the ball into the net.”

Lisa Nandy – Labour Crisis

As the Labour crisis was at its earlier stages, Lisa Nandy stepped down from the position of Shadow Secretary for Energy and Climate Change. In 2010 she made it to the history books as the first Labour stronghold  female MP.

During the previous leadership election, speculation was all over of her possible candidature. However, she turned that down and supported Andy Burnham.

Some of the things in which she has interest in include human rights, education, low pay and child poverty. In line with her interests, she has at one time become a senior policy advisor at the Children’s Society.

Angela Eagle – Labour Crisis

She submitted her resignation from the post of the Shadow Business Secretary . The Wallasey MP and twin-sister of Maria Eagle heads one of the few north places that voted to be part of the EU.

She went into the history books for being the first lesbian MP to make a public declaration. History would later on record her for being the first elected LGBT leader.

During the reign of Tony Blair, she was in the Government frontbench. She remained in the government under the premiership of Gordon Brown as the Pensions Minister.

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