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Kylie Gilmore, a writer whom I am guessing you love? Here are our 10 best Kylie Gilmore quotes for you to enjoy. At Australia Unwrapped we believe every book has at least one quotable line, and our mission is to find them all. Here you will find Kylie Gilmore’s top 10 popular and famous quotes. Like every good writer Kylie Gilmore made a number of memorable quotes, here are some of our favorites: 

About Kylie Gilmore

USA Today bestselling author Kylie Gilmore has written over fifty humorous contemporary romances. Among her series are Unleashed Romance, Rourkes, Happy Endings Book Club, Clover Park, and Clover Park Charmers. With more than three million downloads, readers around the globe love her hilarious feel-good romances featuring strong bonds with family, friends, and their communities.

Kylie lives in New York with her family, a demanding cat, and a crazy dog. Whenever she’s not writing, reading hot romance, or jotting notes at writing conferences, she’s crafting what will surely become future family heirlooms.

Born: The United States
Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Humorous Contemporary Romance

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Popular Quotes

“I don’t have any hobbies. Books are my life.”
― Kylie Gilmore, The Opposite of Wild

 “Ryan couldn’t believe his eyes. Gran wearing leather chaps in a Harley shop, talking about her ass. It was a living nightmare.
“What am I doing here?” he asked Gran. Before he could read her the riot act on safety, Liz stepped in front of him. Her pink shirt was buttoned all the way to the top and tucked into ironed white pants. Her hair was straight and perfect. He had the strangest urge to muss her up.”
― Kylie Gilmore, The Opposite of Wild

“I’ve already seen what you’ve got,” Liz said, completely out of patience. “Now gimme my wine.”
“It’s not that. I want to show you something at my place.”
Do I have Idiot stamped on my forehead? They both knew what would happen if they were alone at his place.
She leaped to grab the wine and some sloshed out on her head. “Ah!”
He bit back a smile. “You shouldn’t have done that.”
― Kylie Gilmore, The Opposite of Wild

 “Trav smiled his sweetest, most charming smile. “Of course I’ll play your husband on TV.”
Daisy blew out a breath of relief. “Great! Thank you. I knew you’d understand.”
She reached for the ignition to shut off the car. He placed his hand on hers. They weren’t done quite yet.
“As long as you play my wife in real life.”
― Kylie Gilmore, Daisy Does It All

 “special first Valentine’s Day with Baby Delight. Let me set the scene at our charming Victorian home: fresh red roses in a crystal vase on the foyer table, a pink paper heart chain hanging from the fireplace mantel, and the scent of cinnamon in the air. (No-bake solution: simply boil some hot water and”
― Kylie Gilmore, Daisy Does It All

 “Now why do I feel like Little Red Riding Hood?” Daisy asked.
Trav flashed a toothy smile and lunged for her neck. She squealed and squirmed, but he held on and chomped gently down her neck.
She smacked his arm because she liked that a little too much. “Back off, Big Bad Wolf.”
― Kylie Gilmore, Daisy Does It All

“Thanks so much,” Daisy said as graciously as she could to the gift of edible underwear from her fiancé’s grandmother. She was pretty sure this wasn’t covered in any of the bridal etiquette guides.”
― Kylie Gilmore, Daisy Does It All

 “soon-to-be divorced Stew Harbinger to get this one up to his room. Stew’s hand slid up her inner thigh—not too long a wait. His cell vibrated again. Another message from Trav. Dammit. Trav knew”
― Kylie Gilmore, The Opposite of Wild

“Back home, I’ll light some candles, put on soft jazz (or whatever silky, slow tunes make you feel loose), and Darling Husband and I will slow dance with our little Cupid until he falls”
― Kylie Gilmore, Daisy Does It All

“We’re a couple of hardheaded tender-hearted souls. A matching pair. And I miss the hell out of you. (Jake)”
― Kylie Gilmore, Hidden Hollywood

10 Famous Quotes by Author Kylie Gilmore

Quotes for all, here you found our selection of 10 Kylie Gilmore quotes. Make sure you help by commenting your best Kylie Gilmore quote below and sharing our favorite authors so we can look them up, read some of their works and give you the best quotes we can find. We hope you enjoyed our top 10 quotes by Kylie Gilmore. However, feel free to comment below if you disagree or would like to include some other great and memorable Kylie Gilmore quotes in our list. 

One Final Bonus – Kylie Gilmore Quote 

“Liz pasted on a smile, trying to appear normal in light of the fact that he had possibly incriminating knowledge on her from the background check. She hoped her application for a marriage license with Craig wasn’t in the report. Or her long shopping record for organization systems from The Container Store. Or her many Internet searches for breeds of nonshedding dogs (she was waiting for the house with a yard before getting one). Or her long-time obsession with new cleaning products.”
― Kylie Gilmore, The Opposite of Wild

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