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List of books by Kristen Ashley

List of Books by Kristen Ashley with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Kristen Ashley. Find my selection in date order of Kristen Ashley’s novels.

Kristen Ashley List of Books to Read

Rock Chick Books

Rock Chick    (2008)          

Rock Chick Rescue (2009)          

Rock Chick Redemption   (2010)          

Rock Chick Renegade        (2011)          

Rock Chick Revenge          (2011)          

Rock Chick Reckoning       (2011)          

Rock Chick Regret  (2011)          

Rock Chick Revolution      (2013)          

Rock Chick Reawakening (2016)          

Rock Chick Reborn (2018)          

Mathilda, SuperWitch Books

Mathilda’s Book of Shadows      (2011)          

‘Burg Books

For You         (2011)          

At Peace        (2011)          

Golden Trail (2011)          

Games of the Heart           (2012)          

The Promise (2014)          

Hold On        (2015)          

Colorado Mountain Books

The Gamble (2011)          

Sweet Dreams         (2011)          

Lady Luck     (2011)          

Breathe         (2012)          

Jagged           (2013)          

Kaleidoscope           (2014)          

Bounty          (2016)          

Dream Man Books

Mystery Man           (2011)          

Wild Man      (2011)          

Law Man       (2011)          

Motorcycle Man     (2012)          

Quiet Man    (2019)          

Fantasyland Books

Wildest Dreams      (2011)          

The Golden Dynasty          (2011)          

Fantastical    (2013)          

Broken Dove           (2013)          

Midnight Soul          (2016)          

Ghosts and Reincarnation Books


Penmort Castle       (2011)          

Sommersgate House         (2011)          

Lacybourne Manor            (2011)          

Fairytale Come Alive         (2011)          

Lucky Stars   (2012)          

Unfinished Hero Books

Knight            (2012)          

Creed (2012)          

Raid    (2013)          

Deacon          (2014)          

Sebring          (2016)          

Three Books

Until the Sun Falls from the Sky (2012)          

With Everything I Am        (2012)          

Wild and Free          (2014)          

Chaos Books

Own the Wind        (2013)          

Fire Inside     (2013)          

Ride Steady  (2015)          

Walk Through Fire (2015)          

Rough Ride   (2018)          

Wild Like the Wind            (2018)          

Free    (2019)          

Magdalene Books

The Will         (2014)          

Soaring          (2015)          

The Time in Between         (2017)          

Honey Books

The Deep End          (2017)          

The Farthest Edge  (2017)          

The Greatest Risk   (2018)          

Moonlight and Motor Oil Books

The Hookup (2017)          

The Slow Burn         (2019)          

Dream Books

Dream Maker          (2020)          

Standalone Novels

Three Wishes           (2011)          

Heaven and Hell     (2011)          

Play It Safe   (2012)          

Complicated            (2017)          

Fast Lane      (2019)          

Short Story Collections

A Christmas to Remember           (2013)                                                                                                                      

List of books by Kristen Ashley

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Kristen Ashley. If we missed any be sure to let us know in comments of via the Contact Us.

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