Kings Canyon Walk

Overview of Kings Canyon :

In a far, far away place, there is a beautiful land, within which lies a magnificent red castle, with precious gems, sweetest water & ‘Garden of Eden’, in her bosom. This castle is fiercely protected by a tall & majestic ‘Red Sentinel’ – made of sandstone!

Surprised?! Well, this land & castle aren’t from a folk tale – They are our very own Australia and its magnificently beautiful ‘Red Center’, respectively! And the sentinel we’re talking about is none other than the majestic ‘Kings Canyon’ – the iconic sandstone formation, which is a major tourist attraction, and a nature’s paradise, truly!

KINGS CANYON by Zoharby / CC BY-SA 3.0

Kings Canyon is a natural sandstone canyon with ‘Kings Creek’ snaking its way through the bottom. A part of the ‘Watarrka National Park’, in Northern Territory, Australia, it’s located at the western end of ‘George Gill’s Range’, approximately, 300 km northeast of Uluru, and 450 km southwest of Alice Springs. The ideal time to visit Kings Canyon is the winter months between May and September.

History of Kings Canyon :

Inhabited by Luritja Aboriginal people for well over 20,000 years, from whom the name ‘Watarrka’ is derived, the first European to discover Kings Canyon was, Earnest Giles, who discovered the place during his 1872 expedition.

Features :

Kings Canyon is truly a king of explorer destinations. The 100-meters high walls of the canyon, the serene creek cruising at its feet, the lush vegetation folded amidst its voluptuous outline, all engulfed in red hue works like marijuana on the exploring junkies. The lush vegetation of the region houses more than 600 species of native plants and animals.

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A golden opportunity for the visitors to delve deep into the mysterious and seductive Australian flora-fauna, additionally Kings Canyon engrosses all unique aspects of the Red Center. The rugged landscape & wide panorama too would make your fingers tickle, and arouse the shutterbug in you.

The best way to explore Kings Canyon is through three organized walks – Kings Creek walk (bottom), Kings Canyon Rim walk (top), and Heartbreak Hill walk (scaling vertically). These walks invoke a refreshing hiking experience in the visitors. The third tour midway arrives at the ‘Garden of Eden’ – an extremely beautiful spot, which is a permanent waterhole, surrounded by colorful and lush vegetation.

The garden of Eden is truly a paradise, for weary travelers and thus a major attraction among tourists. Another interesting feature of the canyon, are the sandstone domes, which scan the landscape, like the pawns over a chessboard, and soothe the weary and hungry eyes, all the way up to the horizon.

The exploration of this wonderful canyon can be arranged either through hiking tours (above three), camel safari or through a bird’s-eye view by a helicopter ride.

It can be stated without doubt that the Kings Canyon offers a dual opportunity to the visitors – to relax, drink nature, & make the time stand still, while simultaneously causing an adrenaline rush and taking the visitors on a high, due to its hiking potential. Well, nature is the most dangerous drug! (Don’t you agree ?)

Kings Canyon has various experiences hidden within itself. Have you unfolded some of them on your visit ? or do you have a unique perspective to convey? Comment below and let us know or share your stories here.

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