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Kim Wilkins, a writer whom I am guessing you love? Here are our 6 best Kim Wilkins quotes for you to enjoy. At Australia Unwrapped we believe every book has at least one quotable line, and our mission is to find them all. Here you will find Kim Wilkins’s top 6 popular and famous quotes. Like every good writer Kim Wilkins made a number of memorable quotes, here are some of our favourites: 

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“I’ve no intention of sitting by the fire on such a beautiful day,” Loki sad.
“Then let us walk in the woods.”
“Walk? Wouldn’t you rather ride with me?” “I couldn’t keep up.” “No,” he said, grasping her elbow gently. “With me. On Heror.” He whistled loudly and Heror turned and walked toward them.

A shiver of fear frosted her skin. She was uncomfortable on horseback – preferred her feet on the ground-let alone a fast powerful beast like Heror with Loki at the reins. “I’m not sure…”
“Didn’t you say you would keep me company? Come.”
“Must we go very fast?”
Loki laughed his wild laugh. “Of course we must!”
With swift grace, he mounted Heror, then put down his hand for her. “Come, Aud. Don’t be frightened. You may trust me.”
Trust Loki? Aud almost laughed. She wondered if Vidar would appreciate her actions when she told him this evening. “Very well,’ she said. She tied her skirts around her hips and, reaching up, allowed Loki to help her onto Heror’s back.
“Hold on tight,” Loki said, slapping her thigh playfully. Aud needed no prompting. She locked her arms about his waist, her hands tight over his hollow stomach. No warmth emanated from his body. His black hair caught against her cheek and lip. She screwed her eyes tightly closed.
Heror need little encouragement from Loki. Almost as soon as they were settled, he sped off like lightning. Aud cracked open one eye to see where they were going, but hurriedly closed it when the branches of the wood loomed close enough to terrify her and the shadows between the trees flew past like wild ghosts. She tightened her grip on Loki’s ribs wishing they were not so narrow and cool. From time to time, she could feel his body shake with mad laughter. Their journey, while it probably only lasted twenty minutes, seemed interminable as she willed him and willed him to slow down. Finally she felt Loki pull on Heror’s reins. The horse slowed to a walk, and she ventured to open her eyes.
They had left the woods and were entering a sunlit field of waving grass, daisies and orange hawkweed. Heror stopped, they dismounted and Loki sent the horse off to cool down. Aud’s legs were shaking too much to stand so she sank into the grass, feeling the warm sunshine fill her hair.
Loki sat next to her and began idly to pick daisies. “Did you enjoy our ride, Aud?”
“No,” she answered, taking a deep breath and stilling her trembling hands.
“I’ll try harder on the way home,” He said reaching over to twine a daisy in her hair.”
― Kim Wilkins, Giants of the Frost

 “He smiled. He liked to imagine that she saw the beauty, that she could think outside the well-worn tracks of her countrymen, find something to like about this unsophisticated place. Because that just might mean she could find something to like about him.”
― Kim Wilkins, Unclaimed Heart

“I have loved … and love infuses everything else, infuses confusion and the blankness and the fear of emptiness, and brings to it a glimmer of meaning. Enough meaning to move forward, to keep moving…”
― Kim Wilkins, Giants of the Frost

 “what a grumbling storm she had invoked. And yet it was done. Now he had to be man enough to walk into this storm, and emerge as Almissia’s king.”
― Kim Wilkins, Daughters of the Storm

 “Anyone who ever loves anyone truly loves them because of their indefinable essence, not because they conform to some checklist.”
― Kim Wilkins

 “What happens next is not to be known, but if we die, we die having chosen our deeds, and that is right and good.”
― Kim Wilkins, Sisters of the Fire

6 Famous Quotes by Author Kim Wilkins

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