Kiko Shy-Shy’s Love is What Love Does

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Sometimes we think too much about things, Love sometimes is just as simple as that love. It can take many forms, and so long as there is love there is hope. Live life and love life.

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Verse 1

When I see your face or feel your warm embrace,

it just makes my heart race

And I have to pace myself as I fall for you

I swear our destinies are intertwined,

what once was your path is now mine, and mine is yours,

what’s mine is yours


Love is what love does

And what I do best is love you

Love is what love does

And what we do best is love

Verse 2

Paradise comes, paradise goes,

The ups and the downs,

the highs and the lows

but through it all we stay strong

Dance with the stars, under the moon,

out in the rain, they might say we’re insane

but it’s true, I’d go anywhere with you because


Bridge/Verse 3

Feel the energy, know that it’s true,

can’t shake the feeling of being with you

The excitement I feel, can this be real,

it must be real, because I know how I feel


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