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List of books by Kevin J. Anderson

List of Books by Kevin J. Anderson with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Kevin J. Anderson. Find my selection in date order of Kevin J. Anderson’s novels.

Kevin J. Anderson List of Books to Read

Gamearth Trilogy Books

Gamearth     (1989)          

Gameplay     (1989)          

Game’s End  (1990)          

 Star Wars: Jedi Academy Books

Jedi Search   (1994)          

Dark Apprentice     (1994)          

Champions of the Force   (1994)          

Leviathan      (2000)          

 Dragonflight Books

Born of Elven Blood           (1994)          

 X-Files Books

Ground Zero            (1995)          

Ruins  (1996)          

Antibodies    (1997)          

 Star Wars Books

Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina         (1995)          

Darksaber    (1995)          

The Illustrated Star Wars Universe       (1995)          

Tales from Jabba’s Palace            (1995)          

Tales of the Bounty Hunters       (1996)          

The Essential Chronology (2000)          

 Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights Books

Heirs of the Force  (1995)          

Shadow Academy  (1995)          

The Lost Ones          (1995)          

Lightsabers   (1996)          

Darkest Knight        (1996)          

Jedi Under Siege     (1996)          

Shards of Alderaan            (1997)          

Diversity of Grandeur       (1997)          

Jedi Bounty  (1997)          

The Emperor’s Plague       (1998)          

Return to Ord Mantell      (1998)          

Trouble on Cloud City       (1998)          

Crisis at Crystal Reef          (1998)          

 Craig Kreident Books

Virtual Destruction            (1996)          

Fallout           (1997)          

Lethal Exposure      (1998)          

 Star Wars: Tales Of The Jedi Books

The Golden Age of the Sith          (1997)          

The Fall of the Sith Empire           (1998)          

Redemption (2000)          

 Titan A.E. Books

Akima’s Story          (2000)          

Cale’s Story  (2000)          

 Saga Of Seven Suns Books

Hidden Empire        (2002)          

A Forest of Stars     (2003)          

Horizon Storms      (2004)          

Scattered Suns        (2005)          

Of Fire and Night    (2006)          

Metal Swarm           (2007)          

The Ashes of Worlds         (2008)          

Veiled Alliances       (2011)          

Saga Of Seven Suns Books

Veiled Alliances is a prequel in the Saga of Seven Suns series.

 Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein Books

Prodigal Son            (2005)          

 Crystal Doors Books

Crystal Doors aka Island Realm  (2006)          

Ocean Realm           (2007)          

Sky Realm     (2008)          

 Dune Books

Hunters of Dune     (2006)          

Sandworms of Dune         (2007)          

 Heroes Of Dune Books

Paul of Dune            (2008)          

The Winds of Dune            (2009)          

 Terra Incognita Books

The Edge of the World      (2009)          

The Map of All Things       (2010)          

The Key to Creation           (2011)          

Mythical Creatures            (2011)          

 Star Challengers Books

Moonbase Crisis     (2010)          

Space Station Crisis            (2011)          

Asteroid Crisis         (2011)          

Star Challengers Trilogy   (2014)          

 Hell Hole Trilogy Series Books

Hellhole         (2011)          

Hellhole Awakening          (2013)          

Hellhole Inferno     (2014)          

 Fantastic Realms Books

Fantastic Realms 1 (2011)          

Fantastic Realms 2 (2011)          

 Alien Landscapes Books

Alien Landscapes 1            (2011)          

Alien Landscapes 2            (2011)          

 Dark Labyrinth Books

Dark Labyrinth 1    (2011)          

Dark Labyrinth 2    (2011)          

 Stellar Guild Books

Tau Ceti         (2011)          

 Dan Shamble, Zombie PI Books

Death Warmed Over        (2012)          

Unnatural Acts        (2012)          

Stakeout at the Vampire Circus (2013)          

Road Kill        (2013)          

Hair Raising  (2013)          

Naughty and Nice  (2013)          

Slimy Underbelly    (2014)          

Working Stiff           (2015)          

Tastes Like Chicken            (2017)          

 Heroes Reborn Books

A Long Way from Home (with Peter J. Wacks)         (2015)          

 Dune: Red Plague Books

Dune: Red Plague   (2016)          

 Colt The Outlander Books

Blood Prize   (2017)          

 Arcane America Books

Uncharted    (2018)          

 Wake The Dragon Books

Spine of the Dragon          (2019)          

 Clockwork Angels Books

Clockwork Angels  (2012)          

Clockwork Lives      (2015)          

 Great Schools Of Dune Books

The Sisterhood of Dune   (2012)          

Mentats of Dune    (2014)          

Navigators of Dune           (2016)          

 Dragon Business Books

The Dragon Business         (2013)          

 Saga Of Shadows Books

Island in a Sea of Stars      (2014)          

The Dark Between the Stars       (2014)          

Blood of the Cosmos         (2015)          

Eternity’s Mind       (2015)          

 Dune: Red Plague Short Stories/Novellas

Dune: Red Plague   (2016)          

 Colt The Outlander Books

Blood Prize   (2017)          

 Arcane America Books

Uncharted    (2018)          

 Wake The Dragon Books

Spine of the Dragon          (2019)          

 Standalone Novels

Resurrection, Inc.   (1988)          

Lifeline (with Doug Beason)        (1990)          

The Trinity Paradox (with Doug Beason)         (1991)          

Afterimage (with Kristine Kathryn Rusch)       (1992)          

Assemblers of Infinity (with Doug Beason)     (1993)          

Climbing Olympus  (1994)          

Ill Wind (with Doug Beason)       (1995)          

Blindfold       (1995)          

Ignition (with Doug Beason)       (1996)          

Ai! Pedrito! (with L. Ron Hubbard)       (1998)          

Ai! Pedrito! When Intelligence Goes Wrong  (1998)          

Aftershock (with Kristine Kathryn Rusch)       (1998)          

The Outer Limits, Armageddon Dreams          (2000)          

Supernova (with Rebecca Moesta)       (2000)          

Fantastic Voyage: Microcosm    (2001)          

Captain Nemo         (2002)          

Hopscotch    (2002)          

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen        (2003)          

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow       (2004)          

The Martian War    (2006)          

Slan Hunter (with A.E. van Vogt)           (2007)          

The Last Days of Krypton (2007)          

Enemies & Allies     (2009)          

Kill Zone        (2019)          

 Short Stories/Novellas

Fremen Justice        (2001)          

Drumbeats   (2010)          

Collaborators          (2010)          

Drilling Deep            (2010)          

Fondest of Memories        (2010)          

Frog Kiss       (2010)          

Job Qualifications   (2010)          

Prisons          (2010)          

Redmond’s Private Screening     (2010)          

Comrades in Arms (2014)          

Dark Carbuncle       (2015)          

Mammoth Dawn    (2015)          

Escape Hatch           (2018)          

Prisoner of War      (2018)          

 Short Story Collections

Dogged Persistence           (2001)          

Landscapes  (2006)          

Alternitech   (2011)          

Tucker’s Grove        (2013)          

Selected Stories: Science Fiction, Volume 1   (2018)          

Selected Stories: Fantasy (2018)          

Selected Stories: Horror and Dark Fantasy    (2018)          

Selected Stories: Science Fiction, Volume 2   (2019)          

Three Military SF Novellas           (2019)          

 Blood Lite Anthologies

Blood Lite     (2009)          

Overbite       (2011)          

Aftertaste     (2012)          


War of the Worlds: Global Dispatches (1996)          

Nebula Awards Showcase 2011            (2011)          

The Mammoth Book of Nebula Awards SF     (2012)          

A Fantastic Holiday Season         (2013)          

A Fantastic Holiday Season: The Gift of Stories         (2014)          

The Best of Penny Dread Tales   (2014)          

Five by Five 3: Target Zone         (2014)          

2113  (2016)          

Pulse Pounders: Adrenaline        (2017)          

Avatar Dreams        (2018)          

Pulse Pounders: Countdown      (2018)          

 Graphic Novels

Veiled Alliances       (2004)          

The Orc’s Treasure (2004)          

Grumpy Old Monsters (with Rebecca Moesta)         (2004)          

Starjammers: The Cadet and the Corsairs       (2005)          

JSA: Strange Adventures  (2010)          

Clockwork Angels: The Comic Scripts (with Neil Peart)       (2014)          

RUSH’s Clockwork Angels (with Neil Peart)    (2015)          

 Non-Fiction Books

Million Dollar Productivity          (2014)          

Million Dollar Professionalism for the Writer (with Rebecca Moesta)    (2014)          

Worldbuilding         (2015)                                                                      

List of books by Kevin J. Anderson

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Kevin J. Anderson. If we missed any be sure to let us know in comments of via the Contact Us.

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