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Quotes, who doesn’t love a good quote? This series of articles we look at Top 10 Famous Quotes by Author Kelly Jamieson, author quotes are always a challenge and fun to pick, with Kelly Jamieson you will find my Ten favorites of Kelly Jamieson’s quotes. 

About Kelly Jamieson

A USA Today bestselling author, Kelly Jamieson has written over fifty romance novels and novellas. She writes books she enjoys reading–sexy romances packed with heat, humor, and emotion. It has been described as being “emotionally complex”, “sweet and satisfying” as well as “blisteringly sexy”. She enjoys coffee (black), wine (mostly white), and shoes (high). She also loves watching hockey. She is the author of the Heller Brothers Hockey series, Aces Hockey series, and Rule of Three trilogy.

Twitter: KellyJamieson
Genre: Romance

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Popular Quotes

“u have to raed captian awsome”
― Kelly Jamieson

 “My intentions toward you are definitely…dirty.” “How dirty?” she whispered. Fiery need jolted straight to his groin. He leaned closer to speak right into her ear. “Very. I want to strip you naked and lick you all over. I want to taste you…everywhere. I want to feed you my cock and feel your teeth on me, and then I want to fuck you blind.” Her eyelids drooped, her mouth went soft, and more heat built between them as they stared at each other. His other hand found her knee and slipped over silky skin to the inside of her thigh beneath her coat. “That’s pretty dirty,” she agreed breathlessly.”
― Kelly Jamieson, Sweet Obsession

“I don’t know what will happen with us,” he said softly. “I can’t predict the future. If things don’t work out between us, yeah, there’s a chance you’ll hate my guts. To me, losing you as a friend is a pretty big risk. Do you think I’d take that big a risk for a few nights of sex?” He shook his head. “I was having freakin’ nightmares about you with those other guys. What you were doing.” He buried his face in her hair. “Kerri, I don’t want you to see other guys. Just me.”
― Kelly Jamieson, Friends with Benefits

 “God, Jack. This is crazy.” She lifted a hand and rubbed between her eyes. “No. It’s not. Let me show you.” “You’re going to make me do things I don’t want to.” “No. God, no.” He shifted closer on the couch. “I don’t believe that. I’ve made you do things. But I’ve never made you do things you didn’t want to do. Seduction isn’t making you do something you don’t want to do. Seduction is enticing you to do things you secretly do want to do.”
― Kelly Jamieson, Sweet Obsession

 “R. G. Collingwood said that studying the past teaches us three things” what it is to be a man – or a woman; what it is to be the kind of woman you are; and what it is to be the kind of woman you are and nobody else…. One thing I learned is that heroes don’t always wear capes… And I learned that big things can start small. Look what throwing some tea into Boston Harbor led to.”
― Kelly Jamieson, Game On

 “You’re practically begging for it, aren’t you?” he murmured.


His chuckle rasped over her senses. “I like begging, Reagan.”

“I’m not going to beg.”

He was silent for a moment, his fingers still playing, and she wondered if she’d said the wrong thing. Then he said softly, “Damn.”
― Kelly Jamieson, Power Shift

“What our lives looked like on the surface may be some people’s idea of perfect.But beneath the surface is where the important stuff is. We all need to be on the same page—do we want to adhere to what society thinks is perfect? Or do we want what we think is perfect?”
― Kelly Jamieson, Loving Maddie from A to Z

 “But you can’t go through life without ever falling down. Failure isn’t the opposite of success – it’s part of success.”
― Kelly Jamieson, Game On

“You shouldn’t talk so much,” she said. “Those one-word answers reveal so much about you.”
― Kelly Jamieson, Major Misconduct

“Forget pizza,” Marc gasped. “Just want to fuck you.”
― Kelly Jamieson, Major Misconduct

10 Famous Quotes by Author Kelly Jamieson

So there you have it my Ten favorite quotes by Kelly Jamieson, please comment below and share your favorite quotes by the fantastic author Kelly Jamieson.  Furthermore, if you find any Authors not covered for there, top 10 quotes let me know and I will review their works and find some of their best quotes as has been done here for Kelly Jamieson. 

One Final Bonus – Kelly Jamieson Quote 

“What does a playoff team look like?.., It looks like this… A playoff team is tired. They’re in pain from a long season. They’re frustrated about losses. But they’re full of passion. Passion that will let them overcome the fatigue and the pain… A playoff team has to have energy. They have to be prepared to do whatever it takes. to battle one-on-one late in the 3rd period. To block shots. To play 2 or 3 overtime periods, i that’s what it takes to win. They have to be the 1st to the puck, Clear the net. For the next 2 months, a playoff team has to bring that energy to the arena every night… It’s not just the passion and the energy. It’s not just physical conditioning. It’s mental conditioning too. You have to stick to the game plan. You can’t let fatigue or distractions get in the way of how you play. Some of you men have never been in a playoff game. Everyone will tell you it’s a whole new season. Everyone will tell you it’s intense. You have no. Fucking. Idea… All of you have trained yourself to leave everything behind when you step on the ice. And that’s what you have to do now… You have to make the mind shift that this is a new season. The only that matters now is what we can control — being ready for the next game… You have to have confidence in yourself. And n your teammates… Some of you guys haven’t been playing together that long. But I’ve seen the teamwork you all bring. The work ethic. I’ve seen the relationships and the chemistry develop. You have to have trust in each other… and that means being trustworthy. Being there for each other. For the team… coaching staff. Trust in the game plan. Trust in the preparation… I ave trust in you. We can do this.”

― Kelly Jamieson, Game On

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