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Ten of My Favourite Kate Morton Quotes 

Love reading? Then it’s likely you will love a good quote from your favourite author. This article covers Kate Morton’s Top 10 Popular and Famous Quotes that we at Australia Unwrapped have collected from some of his greatest works. Kate Morton quotes to remember and here you will find 10 of the best. A memorable quote can stay with you and can be used along your journey. Choosing Kate Morton’s top 10 quotes is not easy, but here they are:

Popular Quotes

“She did as she felt, and she felt a great deal.”
― Kate Morton, The Forgotten Garden

 “It is a cruel, ironical art, photography. The dragging of captured moments into the future; moments that should have been allowed to be evaporate into the past; should exist only in memories, glimpsed through the fog of events that came after. Photographs force us to see people before their future weighed them down….”
― Kate Morton, The House at Riverton

“You must learn to know the difference between tales and the truth, my Liza, she would say. Fairy tales have a habit of ending too soon. They never show what happens afterwards when the prince and princess ride off the page.”
― Kate Morton, The Forgotten Garden

 “Mother didn’t understand that children aren’t frightened by stories; that their lives are full of far more frightening things than those contained in fairy tales.”
― Kate Morton, The Forgotten Garden

 “A girl expecting rescue never learns to save herself. Even with the means, she will find her courage wanting.”
― Kate Morton , The Forgotten Garden

 “…She’s understood the power of stories. Their magical ability to refill the wounded part of people.”
― Kate Morton, The Forgotten Garden

“That, my dear, is what makes a character interesting, their secrets.”
― Kate Morton, The Forgotten Garden

 “Memory is a cruel mistress with whom we all must learn to dance.”
― Kate Morton, The Forgotten Garden

“You make a life out of what you have, not what you’re missing.”
― Kate Morton, The Forgotten Garden

“We’re all unique, just never in the ways we imagine.”
― Kate Morton, The Forgotten Garden

10 Famous Quotes by Author Kate Morton

10 quotes by Kate Morton there you go! It’s never an easy task picking the best quotations from great writers, so please if you disagree or have more to add, please comment and share your opinions. My 10 greatest Kate Morton quotes will likely be different from yours; however, that’s the best thing about them, each quote can mean something different to each person. So don’t wait, comment and shares your best Kate Morton Quote. 

One Final Bonus – Kate Morton Quote 

“I don’t have many friends, not the living, breathing sort at any rate. And I don’t mean that in a sad and lonely way; I’m just not the type of person who accumulates friends or enjoys crowds. I’m good with words, but not spoken kind; I’ve often thought what a marvelous thing it would be if I could only conduct relationships on paper. And I suppose, in a sense, that’s what I do, for I’ve hundreds of the other sort, the friends contained within bindings, pages after glorious pages of ink, stories that unfold the same way every time but never lose their joy, that take me by the hand and lead me through doorways into worlds of great terror and rapturous delight. Exciting, worthy, reliable companions – full of wise counsel, some of them – but sadly ill-equipped to offer the use of a spare bedroom for a month or two.”

― Kate Morton, The Distant Hours

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