Kangaroo Island

If you are reading this article then you must be planning to visit Australia may be in near future, if not pretty soon. Even if you are not, hopefully, this post will convince you to plan a trip to the enthralling Australia especially, Kangaroo Island. There are a number of islands in Australia, each with their distinct identity and characteristic. However, the one thing common to them is that they are endowed with nature’s magical and astonishing beauty. Kangaroo Island is just like them. Although named as Kangaroo, the island is about kangaroos and a lot more than that.

Location of Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is located 112 km southwest of Adelaide, South Australia, with a total area of 4,405 sq.km. It is also the third largest island of Australia after Tasmania and Melville Island.

History of Kangaroo Island

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Like many other islands of Australia, this island is too believed to be inhabited by the Aboriginals some 16000 years ago. However, the rising sea level led to the separation of the island from the mainland around 10000 years ago, which consequently led to the decrease in the native population considerably.

In early 19th century, a British explorer named the island as Kanguroo which ultimately named Kangaroo. The reason behind the name was the spotting of a rare breed of kangaroo. In the year 1836, the island finally became the part of the colonial settlement.

Things to do

The whole island is loaded with natural wilderness and mesmerizing beauty. There are some great opportunities enjoyed by the tourists making one of the most visited islands of Australia. Named on the kangaroos, the island has several of them and also a wide range of animals. If you are a wildlife enthusiast, you are in for a treat. You can easily spot the various species of Koalas, Sea lions, Fur seals and many others. Flinders chase National Park has several exotic breeds of native wildlife and is a major tourist attraction. One can spot Fairy penguins and Pelican on the beaches.

Well, if you are at an island, you ought to enjoy some adrenaline rush. The island is full of such activities. From swimming with dolphins to surfing with the waves, snorkeling , quad biking and diving – you can do it all. The marine tours are organized will take you closer the aquatic diversity of the island.

Get into touch with your aesthetic side and relax and enjoy the spa. Taste the wine because they are really good.

If you are a history buff, there is pretty much for you to visit. From shipwrecks to the lighthouses Frenchman’s Rock and remains Aboriginal tools, all are unique and interesting.


  • Kangaroo Island is, unfortunately, famous for the ship wrecks at its coast. Portland Maru was the largest ship which sank on 20 March 1935 causing a huge loss of lives. The wrecks of the ship are the major tourist attraction.
  • Known for its lighthouses, the first light house, which was the first one of entire South Australia, was erected in 1852. Cape Borda and Cape du Coudedic lighthouses followed, keep attracting tourists.

Interesting Fact

Kangaroo Island is named as Australia 4th icon.

Kangaroo Island is a great place to relax, rejuvenate and unwind. It is peaceful and if you are planning an island escape, this island definitely should top off your list.

Ever had the chance to visit the Kangaroo Island? You’ve had a chance to enjoy the astonishing beauty and distinct identity of the island? Feel free to share your experience with us here or leave a comment below .

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