K. J. Parker’s Top 10 Popular and Famous Quotes

Ten of My Favourite K. J. Parker Quotes 

Love reading? Then it’s likely you will love a good quote from your favourite author. This article covers K. J. Parker’s Top 10 Popular and Famous Quotes that we at Australia Unwrapped have collected from some of his greatest works. K. J. Parker quotes to remember and here you will find 10 of the best. A memorable quote can stay with you and can be used along your journey. Choosing K. J. Parker’s top 10 quotes is not easy, but here they are:

Popular Quotes

“War is an admission of failure”
― K.J. Parker, The Folding Knife

 “The quickest way to a man`s heart,’ said the instructor, ‘is proverbially through his stomach. But if you want to get into his brain, I recommend the eye-socket.”
― K.J. Parker, Devices and Desires

“Secretly, deep down, everybody on Earth believes they can write poetry, apart from the members of the Poets’ Guild, who know they can’t.”
― K.J. Parker

 “A wise man once said that any human being is capable of infinite achievement, so long as it’s not the work they’re supposed to be doing.”
― K.J. Parker, Blue and Gold

 “It`s remarkable the truly stupid things people can do because it`s expected of them, or they think it`s expected of them.”
― K.J. Parker, Devices and Desires

 “Death is to be feared because of the pain and loss it inflicts through love, and for no other reason.”
― K. J. Parker

“The world is full of annoyances, none more infuriating than a fool with a valid point.”
― K.J. Parker, Devices and Desires

 “Basic fact of life: no matter how far you run, you always take yourself with you.”
― K.J. Parker, The Hammer

“If the world is a book, are you the hero, or just a walk-on part?”
― K.J. Parker, The Hammer

“The easiest way to do anything is properly.”
― K. J. Parker

10 Famous Quotes by Author K. J. Parker

10 quotes by K. J. Parker there you go! It’s never an easy task picking the best quotations from great writers, so please if you disagree or have more to add, please comment and share your opinions. My 10 greatest K. J. Parker quotes will likely be different from yours; however, that’s the best thing about them, each quote can mean something different to each person. So don’t wait, comment and shares your best K. J. Parker Quote. 

One Final Bonus – K. J. Parker Quote 

“He turned away, and suddenly she thought about the old children’s story, where the stupid girl opens the box that God gave her, and all the evils of the world fly out, except Hope, which stays at the bottom; and she wondered what Hope was doing in there in the first place, in with all the bad things. Then the answer came to her, and she wondered how she could’ve been so stupid. Hope was in there because it was evil too, probably the worst of them all, so heavy with malice and pain that it couldn’t drag itself out of the opened box.”

― K.J. Parker, Sharps

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