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List of books by John Gardner

List of Books John Gardner with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, John Gardner. Find my selection in date order of John Gardner.

John Gardner List of Books to Read

Boysie Oakes Books

The Liquidator         (1964)          

Understrike  (1965)          

Amber Nine (1966)          

Madrigal       (1967)          

Founder Member  (1969)          

Traitor’s Exit (1970)          

The Airline Pirates  (1970)          

A Killer for a Song  (1975)          

Derek Torry Books

A Complete State of Death          (1969)          

The Corner Men     (1974)          

Professor Moriarty Books

The Return of Moriarty    (1974)          

The Revenge of Moriarty (1975)          

Moriarty       (2008)          

Herbie Kruger Books

The Nostradamus Traitor (1979)          

The Garden of Weapons  (1980)          

The Quiet Dogs       (1982)          

Maestro        (1993)          

Confessor     (1995)          

Railton Family Books

The Secret Generations    (1985)          

The Secret Houses (1988)          

The Secret Families            (1989)          

James Bond Books

Licence Renewed   (1981)          

For Special Services           (1982)          

Icebreaker    (1983)          

Role of Honour       (1984)          

Nobody Lives Forever       (1986)          

No Deals, Mr. Bond           (1987)          

Scorpius        (1988)          

Win, Lose or Die     (1989)          

Licence to Kill           (1989)          

Brokenclaw  (1990)          

The Man from Barbarossa           (1991)          

Death Is Forever     (1991)          

Never Send Flowers          (1993)          

Seafire           (1994)          

Goldeneye    (1995)          

Cold Fall        (1996)          

Detective Sergeant Suzie Mountford Books

Bottled Spider         (2002)          

The Streets of Town          (2003)          

Angels Dining at the Ritz  (2004)          

Troubled Midnight (2005)          

No Human Enemy  (2007)          

Standalone Novels

The Censor   (1970)          

Every Night’s a Bullfight   (1971)          

To Run a Little Faster         (1976)          

The Werewolf Trace          (1977)          

The Dancing Dodo (1978)          

Golgotha       (1980)          

Flamingo       (1980)          

The Director            (1982)          

Blood of the Fathers          (1992)          

Day of Absolution  (2000)          

Short Story Collections

Hideaway     (1968)          

The Assassination File       (1974)                      

List of books by John Gardner

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author John Gardner.

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