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List of Books by Joan Holub with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Joan Holub. Find my selection in date order of Joan Holub’s novels books.

Joan Holub List of Books to Read

EEK! Stories To Make You Shriek Books

The Spooky Sleepover     (1999)   

 Doll Hospital Books

Tatiana Comes to America            (2002)   

Goldie’s Fortune               (2002)   

Glory’s Freedom               (2002)   

Saving Marissa   (2003)   

Danielle’s Dollhouse Wish             (2003)   

Charlotte’s Choice            (2003)   

 Easy-To-Read! Easy-To-Draw! Books

Animals (2002)   

Cars and Trucks  (2002)   

Dinosaurs            (2003)   

Magical Creatures            (2003)   

 Ant Hill Books

More Snacks!     (2006)   

Big Heart!            (2007)   

Good Luck!         (2007)   

Scaredy-Pants!   (2007)   

Picnic!   (2008)   

Snow Day!           (2008)   

Spring is Here!    (2008)   

 Young Princesses Around the World Books

Cleopatra and the King’s Enemies               (2007)   

Elizabeth and the Royal Pony        (2007)   

Isabel Saves the Prince    (2007)   

Lydia and the Island Kingdom       (2007)   

 Goddess Girls Books

Athena the Brain               (2010)   

Persephone the Phony    (2010)   

Aphrodite and Beauty      (2010)   

Artemis the Brave             (2010)   

Athena the Wise               (2011)   

Aphrodite the Diva           (2011)   

Artemis the Loyal             (2011)   

Medusa the Mean            (2012)   

Pandora the Curious        (2012)   

Pheme the Gossip             (2013)   

Persephone the Daring    (2013)   

Cassandra the Lucky        (2013)   

Athena the Proud             (2014)   

Iris the Colorful  (2014)   

Aphrodite the Fair            (2014)   

Medusa the Rich               (2015)   

Amphitrite the Bubbly      (2015)   

Hestia the Invisible           (2015)   

Echo the Copycat             (2016)   

Calliope the Muse            (2016)   

Pallas the Pal      (2016)   

Nyx the Mysterious          (2017)   

Medea the Enchantress  (2017)   

Eos the Lighthearted       (2018)   

Cloth the Fate    (2019)   

 Goddess Girls Super Special Books

The Girl Games   (2012)   

 Heroes In Training Books

Zeus and the Thunderbolt of Doom            (2012)   

Poseidon and the Sea of Fury       (2012)   

Hades and the Helm of Darkness (2013)   

Hyperion and the Great Balls of Fire          (2013)   

Typhon and the Winds of Destruction       (2013)   

Apollo and the Battle of the Birds               (2014)   

Ares and the Spear of Fear            (2014)   

Cronus and the Threads of Dread               (2014)   

Crius and the Fright of Night         (2015)   

Hephaestus and the Island of Terror          (2015)   

Uranus and the Bubbles of Trouble            (2015)   

Perseus and the Monstrous Medusa          (2016)   

 Grimmtastic Girls Books

Cinderella Stays Late       (2014)   

Red Riding Hood Gets Lost            (2014)   

Snow White Lucks Out    (2014)   

Rapunzel Cuts Loose        (2014)   

Sleeping Beauty Dreams Big         (2015)   

Goldilocks Breaks In         (2015)   

Snowflake Freezes Up     (2016)   

 Mini Myths Picture Books

Be Patient, Pandora!       (2014)   

Play Nice, Hercules!         (2014)   

Brush Your Hair, Medusa!              (2015)   

Make a Wish, Midas!       (2015)   

Be Careful, Icarus!           (2015)   

Please Share, Aphrodite!               (2015)   

Don’t Get Lost, Odysseus!             (2016)   

Good Job, Athena!           (2016)   

 Little Goddess Girls Books

Athena & the Magic Land              (2019)   

Persephone & the Giant Flowers  (2019)   

Aphrodite & the Gold Apple          (2020)   

Artemis & the Awesome Animals (2020)   

 Picture Books

Ten Little Ballerinas: Jewel Sticker Stories               (1996)   

Boo Who?           (1997)   

Pen Pals               (1997)   

Go! Go! Go!        (1998)   

Red, Yellow, Green: What Do Signs Mean?             (1998)   

A Busy Guy          (1998)   

Pajama Party      (1998)   

What’s the Magic Word?               (1999)   

Happy Monster Day!        (1999)   

I Have a Weird Brother Who Digested a Fly            (1999)   

Backwards Day  (2000)   

Lost and Found in Jumpstart Town             (2000)   

Abby Cadabra, Super Speller         (2000)   

Eek-a-Boo!         (2000)   

Light the Candles              (2000)   

Scat, Cats!           (2001)   

Cinderdog and the Wicked Stepcat            (2001)   

The Garden That We Grew            (2001)   

The Pizza That We Made               (2001)   

Silly Bears            (2001)   

Company’s Coming          (2002)   

Hooray for St. Patrick’s Day!         (2002)   

Jack and the Jellybeanstalk           (2002)   

The Gingerbread Kids Goes to School        (2002)   

Valley of the Golden Mummies    (2002)   

Kwanzaa Kids      (2002)   

Turkeys Never Gobble     (2002)   

Riddle-iculous Math         (2003)   

Somebunny Loves Me     (2003)   

Fourth of July, Sparkly Sky             (2003)   

Apples and Honey             (2003)   

Dragon Dance    (2003)   

What Can Our New Baby Do?       (2004)   

The Halloween Queen     (2004)   

Geogra-Fleas!    (2004)   

Happy Easter Eggs            (2005)   

The Man Who Named the Clouds               (2006)   

Glorious Grandmas          (2006)   

Marvelous Moms             (2006)   

Five Spring Fairies             (2008)   

Apple Countdown             (2009)   

Shampoodle       (2009)   

Groundhog Weather School         (2009)   

Twinkle, Star of the Week             (2010)   

What Does Cow Say?      (2011)   

A Kiss For You!   (2011)   

Wagons Ho!       (2011)   

Zero the Hero     (2012)   

Ballet Stars          (2012)   

Pumpkin Countdown       (2012)   

What Was the First Thanksgiving?              (2013)   

Dig, Scoop, Ka-Boom!     (2013)   

Little Red Writing             (2013)   

Do Not Open! The Story of Pandora’s Box              (2014)   

The One-Eyed People Eater: The Story of Cyclops (2014)   

Mighty Dads       (2014)   

Surprise, Trojans!             (2014)   

Itty Bitty Kitty     (2015)   

The Knights Before Christmas       (2015)   

The Little President          (2016)   

Itty Bitty Kitty and the Rainy Play Day        (2016)   

 Thunder Girls Books

Freya and the Magic Jewel            (2018)   

Sif and the Dwarfs’ Treasures       (2018)   

Idun and the Apples of Youth        (2019)   

Skade and the Enchanted Snow   (2020)   

 Chapter Books

Ivy Green, Cootie Queen               (1998)   

Space Dogs on Planet K-9              (1998)   

Cooties from Outer Space             (2000)   

Bed, Bats & Beyond         (2008)   

 Short Story Collections

How to Find Lost Treasure in All 50 States and Canada, Too!           (2000)   

The Haunted States of America    (2001)   

Knuckleheads     (2008)   

 Non-Fiction Books

Why Do Snakes Hiss?       (2000)   

Why Do Dogs Bark?         (2001)   

Why Do Cats Meow?       (2001)   

Vincent Van Gogh: Sunflowers and Swirly Stars      (2001)   

Who Do Horses Neigh?   (2003)   

Why Do Rabbits Hop?      (2003)   

Smart About the Fifty States         (2003)   

Why Do Birds Sing?          (2004)   

Who Was Johnny Appleseed?       (2005)   

Who Was Marco Polo?   (2007)   

Who Was Jim Henson?    (2010)   

Who Was Babe Ruth?      (2012)   

What Was the Gold Rush?             (2013)   

What is the Statue of Liberty?      (2014)   

What Were the Salem Witch Trials?           (2015)   

What Was Woodstock?  (2016)   

 List of books by Joan Holub        

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Joan Holub. If we missed any be sure to let us know in comments of via the Contact Us.

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