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Ten of My Favourite Jeff Kinney Quotes 

Love reading? Then it’s likely you will love a good quote from your favourite author. This article covers Jeff Kinney’s Top 10 Popular and Famous Quotes that we at Australia Unwrapped have collected from some of his greatest works. Jeff Kinney quotes to remember and here you will find 10 of the best. A memorable quote can stay with you and can be used along your journey. Choosing Jeff Kinney’s top 10 quotes is not easy, but here they are:

Popular Quotes

“Zoo-Wee Mama!”
― Jeff Kinney

 “Dear Aunt Loretta,
Thank you so much for the awesome pants!
How did you know I wanted that for Christmas?
I love the way the pants look on my legs!
All my friends will be so jealous that I have my very own pants.
Thank you for making this the best Christmas ever!
Sincerely, Greg”
― Jeff Kinney, Diary of a Wimpy Kid

“I didn’t really know what to expect from detention but when I waked into the room, the first thought I had was, I don’t belong in here with these future criminals.”
― Jeff Kinney, The Last Straw

 “If there’s one thing I learned from Rodrick, it’s to set people’s expectations real low so you end up surprising them by practically doing nothing at all.”
― Jeff Kinney, Diary of a Wimpy Kid

 “See, when you’re a little kid, nobody ever warns you that you’ve got an expiration date. One day you’re hot stuff and the next day you’re a dirt sandwich.”
― Jeff Kinney, The Ugly Truth

 “So if you want to find somebody to blame for the way i am, I guess you’d have to start with the public education system.”
― Jeff Kinney, Dog Days

“I’ll be famous one day, but for now I’m stuck in middle school with a bunch of morons.” – Greg Heffley,”
― Jeff Kinney, Diary of a Wimpy Kid

 “You can’t expect everyone to have the same dedication as you.”
― Jeff Kinney, Diary of a Wimpy Kid

“The best person I know is Myself.”
― Jeff Kinney, Diary of a Wimpy Kid

“Monkeys can’t talk, stupid!”
― Jeff Kinney, Rodrick Rules

10 Famous Quotes by Author Jeff Kinney

10 quotes by Jeff Kinney there you go! It’s never an easy task picking the best quotations from great writers, so please if you disagree or have more to add, please comment and share your opinions. My 10 greatest Jeff Kinney quotes will likely be different from yours; however, that’s the best thing about them, each quote can mean something different to each person. So don’t wait, comment and shares your best Jeff Kinney Quote. 

One Final Bonus – Jeff Kinney Quote 

“There was this book Dad used to read to me every night called “The Giving Tree.” It was a really good book, but the back of it had a picture of the author, this guy named Shel Silverstein.
But Shel Silverstein looks more like a burglar or a pirate than a guy who should be writing books for kids.
Dad must have known that picture kind of freaked me out, because one night after I got out of bed, Dad said: “IF YOU GET OUT OF BED AGAIN TONIGHT, YOU’LL PROBABLY RUN INTO SHEL SILVERSTEIN IN THE HALLWAY.”
That really did the trick, Ever since then, I STILL don’t get out of bed at night, even if I really need to use the bathroom.”

― Jeff Kinney, The Last Straw

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