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List of books by Jay Allan

List of Books by Jay Allan with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Jay Allan. Find my selection in date order of Jay Allan books.

Jay Allan List of Books to Read

Crimson Worlds Books

Marines         (2012)           

The Cost of Victory (2012)           

A Little Rebellion     (2013)           

The First Imperium (2013)           

The Line Must Hold            (2013)           

To Hell’s Heart         (2013)           

The Shadow Legions          (2014)           

Even Legends Die    (2014)           

The Fall          (2014)           

Red Team Alpha      (2016)

Crimson Worlds Prequel Novellas

Tombstone   (2012)           

Bitter Glory  (2013)           

The Gates of Hell     (2014)           

Portal Wars Books

Gehenna Dawn        (2013)           

The Ten Thousand  (2014)           

Homefront    (2016)

Crimson Worlds Refugees Books

Into the Darkness   (2015)           

Shadows of the Gods         (2015)           

Revenge of the Ancients   (2016)           

Winds of Vengeance          (2016)           

Storm of Vengeance          (2018)

Crimson Worlds Successors Books

MERCS           (2015)           

The Prisoner of Eldaron     (2015)           

The Black Flag          (2017)           

Blood On The Stars Books

Duel in the Dark      (2016)           

Call to Arms  (2017)           

Ruins of Empire       (2017)           

Echoes of Glory       (2017)           

Cauldron of Fire      (2017)           

Dauntless      (2018)           

The White Fleet       (2018)           

Black Dawn   (2018)           

Invasion         (2018)           

Nightfall        (2018)           

The Grand Alliance (2019)           

The Colossus            (2019)           

The Others    (2019)           

The Last Stand         (2019)

Flames Of Rebellion Books

Flames of Rebellion            (2017)           

Rebellion’s Fury       (2018)

Far Star Trilogy Books

Shadow of Empire  (2015)           

Enemy in the Dark  (2015)           

Funeral Games        (2016)

Far Stars Legends Books

Blackhawk    (2016)

Flames Of Rebellion Books

Flames of Rebellion            (2017)

Andromeda Chronicles Books

Andromeda Rising  (2019)           

Wings of Pegasus    (2019)

Standalone Novels

The Dragon’s Banner         (2013)           

The Emperor’s Fist  (2019)

Omnibus Books

Crimson Worlds Collection I         (2013)           

Crimson Worlds Collection II        (2014)           

War Stories  (2014)           

List of books by Jay Allan

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Jay Allan. If we missed any be sure to let us know in comments of via the Contact Us.

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