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“but her expression was”
― Janet Dailey, Calder Storm

 “He didn’t take her back to the shooting range right away. There was a lookout point between here and there. Linc swerved the dark cobalt car into it, pulling alongside the rock wall and switching the engine off. They had the lookout to themselves.
“Why are we stopping?” she asked. Rhetorically.
“Great view.”
She glanced at the distant DC skyline, seeing the dome of the Capitol to the east and the tip of the Washington Monument. The Mall, its grassy expanse invisible from where they were, stretched to the Lincoln Memorial at the other end. Its blocky rectangular top appeared through the bare-branched trees.
“Sure is.” Kenzie tossed her handbag into the footwell and turned to him. That grin on his handsome face was not about sightseeing. She allowed herself the pleasure of looking him over one last time. He pretended not to notice.
Even looking straight ahead through the windshield, his dark eyes had a knowing glint. It was arrogant of him to assume that he knew what she wanted, even though he was right. And annoying of him to wait for her to make the first move. One strong hand rested on the wheel and the other on his thigh.
Kenzie unbuckled her seat belt and leaned over. Two could play that game. She put her lips against his ear and he stiffened visibly. “What’s on your mind, Linc?” she breathed, teasing him.
She was amused to see his eyes close with pleasure. Maybe he hadn’t been expecting her to say something like that. Too bad. She’d said it.
Kenzie slid her hand over his smooth-shaven jaw and turned his face to hers. Wow. His gaze burned with passion. She’d never seen Linc like this. He was all man and then some.
Hard to say who began the kiss, but it went on for a while. She didn’t remember taking the knot out of his tie, which hung open. A couple of buttons had parted company with the buttonholes on his shirt.
Linc sat back when she did.
“Wow. I mean, maybe you should take me home,” she said. “Not that I don’t want more, but–”
Linc nodded, turning the key in the ignition until the engine revved. “Tell me when, Kenzie. That’s all I ask.”
― Janet Dailey, Honor

“Linc half listened. He managed to start the miniature camera on his jacket button. He could just feel the infinitesimal buzz.
He took video only of the men. Linc would never remember them all, but he had to try and jog Kenzie’s memory.
The stalker could be any one of them. An ordinary guy. On the outside.
He wished he’d gotten footage of the men who’d left with Vic Kehoe, but it was too late now. Linc guessed that a lot of it was going to be blurred or partial anyway. The thing was tiny and he wasn’t a pro, unlike Gary Baum’s cameraman. He knew for sure he’d gotten several shots of shirt fronts bulging with middle-manager fat.
Someone, not Lee, finally walked him over to the X-ultra department. Melvin Brody put down a sloppy sandwich to greet him. He invited Linc into his office for a spiel that could have been prerecorded on the merits of the new fiber in the vests.
Linc didn’t like the guy. His shirt had mayonnaise on it, but that wasn’t the reason.”
― Janet Dailey, Honor

 “A call came into the station from someone who used to work at this motel.”
“As a–”
“Not a housekeeper. Same profession as a couple of women who disappeared from here a year ago.”
Linc got the idea. “Do I need to know their names?”
“Jill and Jane. How’s that? The one who called today is, uh, Jeri.”
“Good enough.”
“Anyway,” Mike went on, “back then Jill and Jane were one step away from moving their business to the street corner. They could barely afford the hourly rate at this joint.”
Linc cast a glance at the bed. And he’d let Kenzie fall asleep on it. Once. Never again.
“I know what you’re thinking,” Mike said. “Don’t worry. They preferred the ground-floor rooms.”
“Good to know.”
The lieutenant dialed down the smile.”
― Janet Dailey, Honor

 “The inn was a white saltbox under a low roof, with additions to either side. Diamond-paned windows glowed warm and welcoming on either side of a heavy carved door.
An older man, impeccably dressed, escorted his beautifully coiffed companion down the front stairs. Her conservative high heels barely showed under her long coat. Kenzie caught the glitter of diamonds against a fur collar. This was definitely not Ye Olde Crabbe Shacke.”
― Janet Dailey, Honor

 “Tell me one thing. Are you going to hack into SKC servers with this?”
“It’s an option.”
“You could go to jail for that.”
He smiled. “They would have to catch me.”
“And that would never happen,” she said with a dash of scorn.
“I don’t make too many mistakes, Kenzie.”
“Sometimes I wish you would,” she sighed.”
― Janet Dailey, Honor

“Get some sleep.” He gestured toward the bed. “Take the right side. It’s less lumpy.”
She didn’t budge.
“That doesn’t mean I’m sleeping on the left side,” he added quickly. “You can have the bed all to yourself.”
“Don’t be so noble.”
― Janet Dailey, Honor

 “Hey,” he was saying, “guess what the most common word is in criminal tattoos.”
“I have no idea.”
“Love. Hands down. They love their mothers, they love some girl, they love Jesus. And they keep right on doing wrong.”
― Janet Dailey, Honor

“Linc took the path along the river, looking for Kenzie. He’d sent the hikers on their way, map and all. Sometimes being nice didn’t seem worth it.”
― Janet Dailey, Honor

“Someday is not a day of the week.”
― Janet Dailey

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One Final Bonus – Janet Dailey Quote 

“I need actual X-Ultra vests, not schematics and spec sheets.”
“More than one?”
“A statistically significant sample would be best. Like a hundred.”
“Why so many?”
“Target practice.”
Her eyes widened. “Let me make sure I have this straight. You want to blow holes in one hundred bulletproof army vests.”
“That’s correct.”
“Where do you plan to do that?”
He looked at her.
“I’ll ask Norm,” Kenzie said.
“If it’s not too much trouble. What if he tells you no?”
Kenzie shook her head. “He’s ex-army.”
“Should have known. He never shaved again,” Linc said.
“Shut up. He’s a ZZ Top fan. Be glad he won’t mind. He might ask you not to be too conspicuous about it. There’s a smaller range off to the side. You haven’t seen it.”
“If he has the right targets, I can pay him,” Linc offered.
“You should see what’s in the basement. Everything from paper thugs to wooden dummies. I’ll borrow a gun from Norm. I want to get this done and over with.”
Kenzie was military all the way, but he hadn’t noticed her having much interest in hardware. “Mind telling me why you’re so gung-ho?”
“Because sooner or later I’m going to be the one to tell Christine that Frank Branigan died. And I don’t want her to think I had a chance to help find out why and did zip.”
“Okay. I understand. But I’m the one who has to get the vests. You can’t do that. They know who you are.”
She conceded the point with a nod.
“How are you going to get in?” she wanted to know.
“Right through the front gate.”
Kenzie shot him a curious look. “Let me guess. You aren’t going to explain how you’re going to do that because you would have to reveal your secret identity.”
He chuckled at her reply. “You’re not that far off.”
“Thought so,” she said with satisfaction.
“And,” he went on, sobering, “there is one more thing I have to do.”
“Let’s hear it.”
“Mike Warren and I noticed that a lot of lines are starting to converge on SKC. While I’m inside, I want to take video.”
“Of what?”
“More like who. As in everyone I can get on microcam.”
“How micro is it?”
“About as big as a button.” He rose and stretched, rubbing his back. “Which is good. I may not be able to carry anything ever again.”
“Tough workout?” she teased.
“Let’s just say I had more fun watching yours.”

― Janet Dailey, Honor

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