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List of books by Janet Dailey

List of Books by Janet Dailey with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Janet Dailey. Find my selection in date order of Janet Dailey books.

Janet DaileyList of Books to Read

Cord & Stacy Books

No Quarter Asked   (1974)           

Fiesta San Antonio (1977)           

For Bitter or Worse            (1978)

Calder Books


This Calder Sky         (1981)           

This Calder Range   (1982)           

Stands a Calder Man          (1983)           

Calder Born, Calder Bred  (1983)           

Calder Pride  (1999)           

Green Calder Grass (2002)           

Shifting Calder Wind          (2003)           

Calder Promise        (2004)           

Lone Calder Star      (2005)           

Calder Storm            (2006)           

Santa in Montana   (2010)

Aspen Books

Aspen Gold   (1991)           

Illusions         (1997)

Bannon Brothers Books

Trust  (2011)           

Honor (2012)           

Triumph        (2013)

Americana Books

Boss Man From Ogallala: Nebraska        (1976)           

Land of Enchantment: New Mexico       (1976)           

Savage Land: Texas (1976)           

Fire and Ice: California       (1976)           

The Homeplace: Iowa        (1976)           

After the Storm: Colorado            (1976)           

Dangerous Masquerade: Alabama         (1977)           

Night of the Cotillion: Georgia     (1977)           

Valley of the Vapours: Arkansas  (1977)           

Show Me: Missouri (1977)           

Bluegrass King: Kentucky  (1977)           

A Lyon’s Share: Illinois       (1977)           

The Widow and the Wastrel: Ohio         (1977)           

The Indy Man: Indiana       (1978)           

Darling Jenny: Wyoming   (1978)           

Reilly’s Woman: Nevada   (1978)           

To Tell the Truth: Oregon  (1978)           

Sonora Sundown: Arizona            (1978)           

Big Sky Country: Montana            (1978)           

Beware of the Stranger: New York         (1978)           

Giant of Mesabi: Minnesota        (1978)           

The Matchmakers: Delaware       (1978)           

Green Mountain Man: Vermont (1979)           

Six White Horses: Oklahoma        (1979)           

Summer Mahogany: Maine          (1979)           

The Bride of the Delta Queen: Louisiana           (1979)           

Tidewater Lover: Virginia  (1979)           

Strange Bedfellow: Rhode Island            (1979)           

Low Country Liar: South Carolina           (1979)           

For Mike’s Sake: Washington      (1979)           

Sentimental Journey: Tennessee (1979)           

A Land Called Deseret: Utah        (1979)           

Kona Winds: Hawaii           (1980)           

That Boston Man: Massachusetts          (1980)           

Bed of Grass: Maryland     (1980)           

The Thawing of a Mara: Pennsylvania   (1980)           

The Mating Season: Kansas          (1980)           

Lord of the High Lonesome: North Dakota       (1980)           

Southern Nights: Florida   (1980)           

Enemy in Camp: Michigan            (1980)           

Difficult Decision: Connecticut    (1980)           

Heart of Stone: New Hampshire (1980)           

One of the Boys: New Jersey        (1980)           

Wild and Wonderful: West Virginia       (1981)           

A Tradition of Pride: Mississippi  (1981)           

The Travelling Kind: Idaho (1981)           

Dakota Dreamin’: South Dakota  (1981)           

Northern Magic: Alaska    (1982)           

With a Little Luck: Wisconsin       (1982)           

That Carolina Summer: North Carolina (1982)

Tylers Of Texas Books

Texas True    (2014)           

Texas Tough (2015)           

Texas Tall      (2016)           

Texas Fierce (2017)           

Texas Free    (2018)

Bennetts Books

Christmas in Cowboy Country      (2014)

Cowboy Christmas Books

Long, Tall Christmas           (2015)           

Christmas on My Mind      (2016)           

Just A Little Christmas       (2017)           

Christmas Tree Ranch Books

My Kind of Christmas         (2018)

New Americana Books

Sunrise Canyon        (2016)           

Refuge Cove (2017)

Standalone Novels

Something Extra     (1975)           

Sweet Promise         (1976)           

Master Fiddler         (1977)           

Ivory Cane     (1977)           

The Rogue    (1979)           

Touch the Wind      (1979)           

Nightway      (1980)           

Ride Thunder           (1980)           

Hostage Bride          (1981)           

The Lancaster Men (1981)           

For the Love of God           (1982)           

Foxfire Light (1982)           

Terms of Surrender            (1982)           

Wildcatter’s Woman          (1982)           

The Best Way to Lose        (1983)           

Mistletoe and Holly            (1983)           

The Second Time     (1983)           

Separate Cabins      (1983)           

Western Man          (1983)           

Leftover Love           (1984)           

Silver Wings Santiago Blue           (1984)           

The Pride of Hannah Wade          (1985)           

Glory Game  (1985)           

The Great Alone      (1986)           

Heiress           (1987)           

Rivals (1988)           

Masquerade (1990)           

Tangled Vines          (1992)           

Riding High   (1994)           

The Proud and the Free     (1994)           

Legacies        (1995)           

The Healing Touch  (1996)           

Notorious     (1996)           

Castles in the Sand (1996)           

A Capital Holiday     (2001)           

Scrooge Wore Spurs          (2002)           

The Not Forgotten War     (2003)           

Maybe This Christmas       (2003)           

Because of You        (2004)           

Can’t Say Goodbye (2004)           

Dance with Me        (2004)           

Everything    (2004)           

Eve’s Christmas       (2006)           

Man of Mine            (2007)           

Something More     (2007)           

Wearing White        (2007)           

With This Kiss          (2007)           

Mistletoe and Molly           (2007)           

Searching for Santa            (2008)           

American Destiny    (2009)           

Santa in a Stetson   (2009)           

To Santa with Love (2011)           

Always with Love    (2012)           

A Cowboy Under My Christmas Tree     (2012)           

Merry Christmas, Cowboy            (2013)           

Happy is the Bride  (2017)           

Just a Little Christmas        (2017)           

It’s a Christmas Thing         (2019)

Short Story Collections

Marry Me, Cowboy!           (1995)           

Unmasked    (1997)           

Happy Holidays        (2004)

Chronological Order of Americana Books

Dangerous Masquerade: AL         (1977)           

Northern Magic: AK           (1982)           

Sonora Sundown: AZ         (1978)           

Valley of the Vapours: AR (1977)           

Fire and Ice: CA       (1976)           

After the Storm: CO           (1976)           

Difficult Decision: CT          (1980)           

The Matchmakers: DE       (1978)           

Southern Nights: FL           (1980)           

Night of the Cotillion: GA  (1977)           

Kona Winds: HI        (1980)           

The Travelling Kind: ID       (1981)           

A Lyon’s Share: IL    (1977)           

The Indy Man: IN    (1978)           

The Homeplace: IA (1976)           

The Mating Season: KS      (1980)           

Bluegrass King: KY  (1977)           

Bride of the Delta Queen: LA       (1979)           

Summer Mahogany: ME   (1979)           

Bed of Grass: MD    (1980)           

That Boston Man: MA       (1980)           

Enemy in Camp: MI            (1980)           

Giant of Mesabi: MN         (1978)           

A Tradition of Pride: MS    (1981)           

Show Me: MO         (1977)           

Big Sky Country: MT           (1978)           

Boss Man From Ogallala: NE        (1976)           

Reilly’s Woman: NV            (1978)           

Heart of Stone: NH (1980)           

One of the Boys: NJ            (1980)           

Land of Enchantment: NM           (1976)           

Beware of the Stranger: NY          (1978)           

That Carolina Summer: NC           (1982)           

Lord of the High Lonesome: ND  (1980)           

The Widow and the Wastrel: OH            (1977)           

Six White Horses: OK         (1979)           

To Tell the Truth: OR          (1978)           

The Thawing of a Mara: PA          (1980)           

Strange Bedfellow: RI        (1979)           

Low Country Liar: SC          (1979)           

Dakota Dreamin’: SD          (1981)           

Sentimental Journey: TN   (1979)           

Savage Land: TX      (1976)           

A Land Called Deseret: UT (1979)           

Green Mountain Man: VT (1979)           

Tidewater Lover: VA           (1979)           

For Mike’s Sake: WA          (1979)           

Wild and Wonderful: WV (1981)           

With a Little Luck: WI        (1982)           

Darling Jenny: WY   (1978)                       

List of books by Janet Dailey

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Janet Dailey. If we missed any be sure to let us know in comments of via the Contact Us.

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