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List of books by James Reasoner

List of Books by James Reasoner with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, James Reasoner Wilson. Find my selection in date order of James Reasoner books.

James Reasoner List of Books to Read

Stagecoach Station Books

Panhandle    (1987)           

Taos   (1987)           

Death Valley (1988)           

Bonanza City            (1988)           

Wild West     (1991)           

The Last Frontier     (1991)

Abilene Books

The Sharpshooter   (1988)           

The Pursuers            (1988)           

The Night Riders     (1988)           

The Half-Breed        (1988)           

The Hangman          (1989)           

The Prizefighter       (1989)           

The Whiskey Runners        (1989)           

The Tracker  (1989)           

The General  (1989)           

The Hellion   (1989)           

The Cattle Baron     (1990)           

The Pistoleer            (1990)           

The Lawman (1990)           

The Barlow Brides   (1990)           

The Deputy   (1990)           

Powell’s Army Books

Robbers Roost         (1988)           

Rocky Mountain Showdown        (1988)           

Red River Desperadoes     (1988)

Sons Of Texas Books

The Defiant   (1993)

Cody’s Law Books

Gunmetal Justice    (1991)           

Die Lonesome          (1991)           

Border Showdown  (1991)           

Bounty Man (1991)           

Mano a Mano          (1992)           

Renegade Trail         (1992)           

Eagle Pass     (1993)           

The Prisoners           (1993)           

Red Moon’s Raid     (1994)           

Comanche Code      (1995)

Patriots Books

Sons of Liberty         (1992)           

Rebel Guns   (1992)           

The Turncoat           (1992)           

Life and Liberty        (1993)           

Cannon’s Call           (1993)           

Stars and Stripes     (1994)

Wagons West Frontier Trilogy Books


Westward!   (1992)           

Expedition!   (1993)           

Outpost!       (1993)           

Fury Books

Blood Ransom         (1992)           

River War      (1993)           

Last Chance Canyon           (1994)           

Nevada Guns           (1995)           

Longarm Books

Longarm and the Golden Death  (1993)           

Longarm and the Drifting Badge (1994)           

Longarm and the Man-Eaters      (1994)           

Longarm and the Brazos Devil     (1996)           

Longarm and the Angel of Inferno          (1996)           

Longarm and the Racy Ladies      (1996)           

Longarm and the Backwoods Baroness (1997)           

Longarm and the Voodoo Queen           (1997)           

Longarm and the Border Wildcat           (1998)           

Longarm and the Red-Light Ladies         (1999)           

Longarm and the Vanishing Virgin          (1999)           

Longarm and the Chain-Gang Women  (1999)           

Longarm in the Valley of Sin         (1999)           

Longarm and the Dynamite Damsel       (2000)           

Longarm and the Pistolero Princess       (2000)           

Longarm and the Golden Goddess         (2000)           

Longarm and the Wayward Widow       (2000)           

Longarm and the Six-Gun Senorita        (2001)           

Longarm and the Yukon Queen   (2001)           

Longarm on a Witch-Hunt            (2002)           

Longarm and the Lady Lawyer     (2002)           

Longarm and the Ozark Angel     (2002)           

Longarm and the Blackmailers    (2002)           

Longarm and the Desert Rose     (2002)           

Longarm and the Arizona Flame (2003)           

Longarm and the Bank Robber’s Daughter      (2003)           

Longarm and the Golden Ghost  (2003)           

Longarm in the Tall Timber           (2004)           

Longarm and the Devil’s Bride     (2004)           

Longarm and the Lost Patrol       (2005)           

Longarm and the Texas Treasure Hunt  (2005)           

Longarm and the Scarlet Rider    (2005)           

Longarm and the Restless Redhead       (2006)           

Longarm and the Owlhoot’s Graveyard (2006)           

Longarm and the Bayou Treasure           (2007)           

Longarm and the Hell Riders        (2007)           

Longarm and the Hangtree Vengeance (2007)           

Longarm and the Pine Box Payoff           (2008)

Wind River Books

Wind River    (1994)           

Thunder Wagon      (1994)           

Wolf Shadow           (1994)           

Medicine Creek       (1995)           

Dark Trail      (1995)           

Judgment Day          (1995)           

Ransom Valley         (2012)           


Children Of The Lion Books

Triumph of the Lion            (1995)

Lone Star Books

Lone Star and the Mountain of Fire       (1995)

McMasters Books

Silver Creek Showdown     (1995)

Walker, Texas Ranger Books

Walker, Texas Ranger        (1998)           

Hell’s Half Acre        (1999)           

Siege on the Belle   (1999)

Wagons West Empire Trilogy Books

Honor!           (1998)           

Vengeance!  (1999)           

Justice!          (1999)

Slocum Books

Slocum and the Texas Rose          (1998)

Civil War Battle Books

Manassas      (1999)           

Shiloh (1999)           

Antietam       (2000)           

Chancellorsville       (2000)           

Vicksburg      (2001)           

Gettysburg   (2001)           

Chickamauga           (2002)           

Shenandoah (2002)           

Savannah      (2003)           

Appomattox (2003)

Last Good War Books

Battle Lines  (2001)           

Trial by Fire   (2002)           

Zero Hour     (2003)

Trailsman Books

Bloody Brazos          (2002)           

Six-Gun Justice        (2002)           

Nebraska Gunrunners       (2003)           

High Country Horror          (2003)           

Wyoming Wolf Pack           (2003)           

Six-Gun Scholar       (2003)           

Devil’s Den    (2004)           

Montana Massacre            (2004)           

Skeleton Canyon     (2004)           

Death Valley Vengeance   (2005)           

Kansas Weapon Wolves    (2005)           

Texas Terror Trail    (2005)           

Mountain Mavericks          (2005)           

Ozark Blood Feud   (2006)           

South Texas Slaughter       (2006)           

Black Rock Pass       (2006)           

California Carnage  (2007)           

Texas Timber War   (2007)           

Oregon Outrage      (2008)           

Seminole Showdown         (2008)           

Palmetto Books

Call to Arms  (2005)           

War Drums   (2006)           

Longarm Giant Books

Longarm and the Outlaw Empress         (2006)           

Longarm and the Golden Eagle Shoot-Out       (2007)           

Longarm and the Valley of Skulls            (2008)

Tales From Deadwood Books


The Gamblers          (2006)           

The Killers     (2007)           

The Troopers            (2009)

Gabriel Hunt Books

Hunt at the Well of Eternity         (2009)           

Redemption Books

Redemption, Kansas          (2011)           

Redemption: Hunters        (2012)           

Redemption: Trackdown   (2013)

Dead Man Books

The Blood Mesa      (2011)

Judge Earl Stark Books

The Silver Alibi         (2012)           

Deadlock       (2013)           

The Bandera Brawl (2016)

Publication of Outlaw Ranger Books

Outlaw Ranger        (2014)           

Hangman’s Knot      (2014)           

Blood and Gold       (2015)           

The Last War Chief (2015)           

Gun Devils of the Rio Grande       (2016)

West Of The Big River Books

The Lawman (2013)

Standalone Novels

Texas Wind   (1980)           

Red River Ruse        (1991)           

Hell-For-Leather Rider       (1991)           

Ramrod Revenge    (1992)           

Stark’s Justice          (1994)           

The Hawthorne Legacy      (1994)           

The Diablo Grant     (1995)           

Crusade: Lyron’s Lament   (1995)           

Rivers of Gold          (1995)           

The Healer’s Road   (1995)           

The Wilderness Road         (1996)           

Healer’s Calling        (1996)           

The Hunted  (1997)           

Cossack Three Ponies         (1997)           

Under Outlaw Flags            (1998)           

Tie a Black Ribbon  (2000)           

Noah’s Ride  (2006)           

Dust Devils    (2007)           

Death Head Crossing          (2007)           

Diamondback           (2011)           

Tractor Girl   (2011)           

Jur: A Story of Pre-Dawn Earth    (2012)           

Latchkeys: Roscoes in the Night  (2012)           

Dancing with Dead Men    (2013)           

The Phantom Ranger and the Skateboard Gang         (2013)           

The Fyredrake’s Prey          (2014)           

West of the Big River         (2016)

Short Stories

The Red Reef            (2012)           

Devil Wings Over France   (2012)           

Savage Blood           (2012)           

Look You on Beauty and Death   (2013)           

Last Chance Canyon           (2014)           

Mockingbird and Big Earl  (2014)

Short Story Collections

Legend           (1999)           

Kolchak: The Night Stalker Casebook     (2006)           

The Traditional West         (2011)           

The Paths of Righteousness: The Complete Collection of Science Fiction Stories            (2011)           

Texas Rangers          (2012)           

Fort Worth Nights  (2012)           

Six-Guns and Slay Bells: A Creepy Cowboy Christmas            (2012)           

Latchkeys: Splinters           (2013)           

Trails of the Wild: Seven Tales of the Old West           (2013)

Non-Fiction Books

Draw: The Greatest Gunfights of the American West           (2003)           

List of books by James Reasoner

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author James Reasoner.If we missed any be sure to let us know in comments of via theContact Us.

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