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List of books by James E. Ransome

List of Books James E. Ransome with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, James E. Ransome. Find my selection in date order of James E. Ransome books.

James E. RansomeList of Books to Read

Children’s Books

How Many Stars in the Sky?         (1991)           

All the Lights in the Night (1991)           

Bonolo and the Peach Tree          (1992)           

Do Like Kyla  (1993)           

The Girl Who Wore Snakes          (1993)           

The Hummingbird Garden            (1993)           

Red Dancing Shoes (1993)           

Uncle Jed’s Barbershop     (1993)           

My Best Shoes         (1994)           

That Cat!       (1994)           

Aunt Flossie’s Hats (and Crab Cakes Later        (1995)           

Freedom’s Fruit       (1995)           

Celie and the Harvest Fiddler       (1995)           

Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt       (1995)           

The Old Dog (1995)           

Bonesy and Isabel   (1995)           

Bimmi Finds a Cat   (1996)           

Eli and the Swamp Man    (1996)           

Dark Day, Light Night         (1997)           

Let My People Go   (1998)           

Your Move    (1998)           

The Jukebox Man    (1998)           

Ziggy and the Black Dinosaurs     (1998)           

Uncle Jed’s Barbershop     (1998)           

The Wagon   (1999)           

The Secret of the Stones   (2000)           

Quinnie Blue            (2000)           

Peepers (Rise and Shine)   (2001)           

How Animals Saved the People   (2001)           

Quilt Alphabet         (2001)           

Under the Quilt of Night   (2002)           

Bruh Rabbit and the Tar Baby Girl          (2003)           

Satchel Paige           (2003)           

A Pride of African Tales     (2003)           

Major Taylor, Champion Cyclist  (2004)           

Building a New Land          (2005)           

It Is the Wind           (2005)           

Helen Keller: The World in Her Heart     (2008)           

What Lincoln Said   (2008)           

Our Children Can Soar       (2009)           

This Is the Dream    (2009)           

Baby Blessings         (2010)           

Gunner, Football Hero       (2010)           

Young Pele    (2011)           

Before There Was Mozart            (2011)           

Words Set Me Free            (2012)           

Sky Boys        (2012)           

When Grandmama Sings  (2012)           

My Teacher  (2012)           

The Christmas Tugboat     (2012)           

Light in the Darkness         (2013)           

This Is the Rope       (2013)           

Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio           (2014)           

Benny Goodman & Teddy Wilson           (2014)           

My Story, My Dance          (2015)           

Visiting Day  (2015)           

Freedom’s School   (2015)           

My Name Is Truth   (2015)           

Just a Lucky So and So       (2016)           

Before She was Harriet      (2017)           

Germs: Fact and Fiction, Friends and Foes       (2017)           

The Nutcracker in Heaven (2017)           

New Red Bike!         (2017)           

Be a King       (2018)           

Game Changers       (2018)           

The Creation (2018)           

The Bell Rang           (2019)           

Granddaddy’s Turn (2019)

List of books by James E. Ransome

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author James E. Ransome.

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