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List of books by James Blish

List of Books James Blish with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, James Blish. Find my selection in date order of James Blish books.

James Blish List of Books to Read

Cities in Flight Books

They Shall Have Stars         (1956)           

A Life for the Stars  (1962)           

Earthman, Come Home     (1956)           

The Triumph of Time          (1958)           

After Such Knowledge Books

A Case of Conscience         (1958)           

Doctor Mirabilis      (1964)           

Black Easter  (1968)           

The Day After Judgement (1972)           

Heart Stars Books

The Star Dwellers    (1961)           

Mission to the Heart Stars            (1965)           

Haertel Scholium Books

So Close to Home    (1961)           

Welcome to Mars! (1967)           

Anywhen       (1971)           

Midsummer Century          (1972)           

The Quincunx of Time        (1973)           

Standalone Novels

Jack of Eagles           (1952)           

The Warriors of Day           (1953)           

The Frozen Year      (1957)           

VOR    (1958)           

The Duplicated Man           (1959)           

Titan’s Daughter     (1961)           

The Night Shapes    (1962)           

A Torrent of Faces  (1967)           

Giants in the Earth (1968)           

The Vanished Jet     (1968)           

And All the Stars a Stage   (1971)           


The Seedling Stars  (1957)           

Galactic Cluster       (1959)           

Best Science Fiction Stories         (1973)           

The Testament of Andros (1977)           

The Best of James Blish     (1979)           

Get Out of My Sky  (1980)           

A Work of Art           (1993)           

With All of Love       (1995)           

A Dusk of Idols         (1996)           

In This World, or Another (2003)           

Works of Art (2008)           

Flights of Eagles      (2009)           

Science Fiction Gems, Volume Two        (2011)           

Short Stories/Novellas

The Thing in the Attic         (2010)           

One Shot       (2011)           

Non-Fiction Books

The Issue at Hand   (1964)           

More Issues at Hand          (1970)           

Tale That Wags the God    (1987)

List of books by James Blish

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author James Blish.

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