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List of books by Jake Bible

List of Books Jake Bible with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Jake Bible. Find my selection in date order of Jake Bible books.

Jake Bible List of Books to Read

Apex Trilogy Books

Dead Mech   (2010)           

The Americans         (2011)           

Metal And Ash         (2012)           

One Foggy Night     (2013)

 Stark, Rash, Done Books

Stark  (2012)           

 Z-Burbia Books

Z-Burbia        (2013)           

Parkway To Hell       (2013)           

Estate of the Dead  (2014)           

Cannibal Road         (2014)           

The Bleeding Heartland     (2015)           

Rocky Mountain Die           (2015)           

Sisters of the Apocalypse  (2016)           


 Mega Books

Mega (2014)           

Baja Blood    (2014)           

When Giants Collide          (2014)           

Behemoth Island     (2015)           

Murder Island          (2016)           

No Man’s Island      (2017)           

 Kaiju Winter Books

Kaiju Winter (2014)           

Kaiju Storm  (2014)           

Kaiju Inferno            (2015)           

 AntiBio Books

AntiBio          (2014)           

The Control War     (2015)           

 Dead Team Alpha Books

Dead Team Alpha    (2014)           

The Stronghold        (2015)           

 ScareScapes Books

Phantom Limbs!      (2015)           

Systems Failure!      (2015)           

The Sleepwalking Dead!    (2015)           

Attack Of The Living Shadows!    (2015)           

End of Life Exams!  (2015)           

Into the Black!         (2015)           

 Reign of Four Books

Reign of Four: I        (2015)           

Reign of Four: II       (2015)           

Reign of Four: II       (2015)           

Reign of Four: IV     (2015)           

 Fighting Iron Books

Fighting Iron (2016)           

Perdition Plains       (2016)           

 Salvage Merc One Books

Salvage Merc One   (2016)           

The Daedalus System         (2016)           

 Roak: Galactic Bounty Hunter Books

Roak   (2016)           

Nebula Risen            (2017)           

Razer Edge    (2017)           

Paradox Slaughter  (2018)           


 Level Dead Books

EverRealm    (2017)           

 Black Box Inc. Books

Black Box Inc.          (2017)           

Blood Ghast Blues  (2018)           

 Jafla Base Squad Books

Galactic Vice            (2018)           

 Max Rage Books


Max Rage      (2018)           

Twelve Punches to Mars! (2018)           

 Standalone Novels

Little Dead Man      (2012)           

Intentional Haunting          (2014)           

In Perpetuity            (2015)           

Blood Cruise (2015)           

Drop Team Zero      (2016)           

Outpost Hell (2017)           

Stone Cold Bastards           (2017)           

Mech Corps  (2017)           

Agent Prime (2018)           

 Flipside Sage Books

The Flipside  (2018)           

Savageside    (2018)           

 Short Stories/Novellas

31 Days Of Halloween        (2011)           

The Man With No Face     (2011)           

Helveti On Ice          (2012)                       

List of books by Jake Bible

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Jake Bible.

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