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List of books by Jaid Black

List of Books Jaid Black with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Jaid Black. Find my selection in date order of Jaid Black books.

Jaid Black List of Books to Read

Trek Mi Q’an Books

The Empress’ New Clothes           (2000)           

No Mercy      (2001)           

No Escape     (2001)           

Seized            (2002)           

Conquest      (2003)           

Devilish Dot  (2004)           

Never a Slave           (2007)           

Guide to Trek Mi Q’an       (2007)           

Lost in Trek   (2007)           

Enslaved        (2009)           

No Fear         (2009)           

No Way Out: Kari    (2016)           

Death Row Books

The Fugitive  (2003)           

The Hunter   (2003)           

The Avenger (2003)           

The Mastering         (2009)           

Politically Incorrect Books

Stalked          (2009)           

Subjugated   (2010)           

Totally Dope West Hollywood Adventures of Busty Russell

and Tope McWhite Series (with Nicholas Grant) Books

Sporked in Time      (2014)           

American Infidels Books

$OLD  (2017)           

Abducted      (2017)           

MacGregors Books

After the Storm       (2017)           

Before The Fire        (2017)           

Face Palm Chronicles Books

The Yuge Wall of Jina: It’s Bigly   (2017)           

The Yuge Wall of Jina: It’s Fully Loaded (2018)           

Standalone Novels

God of Fire   (2000)           

Warlord         (2001)           

Sins of the Father   (2002)           

The Possession        (2003)           

Enchained (with Joey W Hill and Ann Jacobs)  (2003)           

One Dark Night        (2004)           

Breeding Ground    (2004)           

Deep, Dark and Dangerous           (2006)           

The Hunger   (2006)           

Notorious     (2007)           

Big, Bad & Barbaric            (2007)           

Bossy and Clyde      (2009)           

Besieged       (2009)           

Dominated   (2013)           

Season of the Witch           (2015)           

Short Stories/Novellas

The Obsession         (2001)           

Tremors         (2002)           

Adam and Evil          (2009)           

Vanished       (2009)           

The Addiction          (2016)           

Fatman and Robyn (2016)           

The Beckoned          (2016)           

Seeds of Yesterday (2016)           

The Addiction          (2017)           

List of books by Jaid Black

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Jaid Black.

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