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List of books by Jacquelyn Frank

List of Books Jacquelyn Frank with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Jacquelyn Frank. Find my selection in date order of Jacquelyn Frank books.

Jacquelyn Frank List of Books to Read

Nightwalkers Books

Jacob  (2006)           

Gideon           (2007)           

Elijah  (2007)           

Damien          (2008)           

Noah  (2008)           

Kane (in Supernatural)      (2011)           

Adam (2011)           

Nightwalkers Books

Jacob  (2006)           

Kane (in Supernatural)      (2011)           

Gideon           (2007)           

Elijah  (2007)           

Damien          (2008)           

Noah  (2008)           

Adam (2011)           

Shadowdwellers Books

Ecstasy          (2009)           

Rapture         (2009)           

Pleasure        (2009)           

Gatherers Books

Hunting Julian          (2009)           

Stealing Kathryn      (2010)           

Three Worlds Books

Seduce Me in Dreams        (2011)           

Seduce Me in Flames         (2011)           

World Of The Nightwalkers Books

Forbidden     (2012)           

Forever          (2013)           

Forsaken       (2014)           

Forged           (2014)           

Nightwalker  (2015)           

Immortal Brothers Books

Cursed by Fire          (2015)           

Cursed by Ice           (2015)           

Bound by Sin            (2015)           

Bound in Darkness  (2015)           

Kiss Of Magic Books

A Kiss of Magic        (2016)           

A Kiss of Fire (2016)           

Energy Vampires Books

Thirst (2017)           

Hunger          (2017)           

Famished      (2018)           

Mine To Take Books

Warlord         (2018)           

Conquest      (2018)           

Valerian         (2018)           

Melena          (2018)           

Truce  (2018)           

Victory           (2018)           

Standalone Novels

Drink of Me  (2010)           

The Bid          (2010)           

Hunter           (2014)           

Dangerous    (2014)           

The Phoenix Project           (2018)           

The Science of Pleasure     (2018)           

Short Story Collections

Supernatural            (2011)           

The Pleasure Project          (2013)           

Omnibus Books

Nocturnal     (2010)           

Supernatural Bundle          (2011)

List of books by Jacquelyn Frank

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Jacquelyn Frank.

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