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List of books by Jackie Ivie

List of Books Jackie Ivie with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Jackie Ivie. Find my selection in date order of Jackie Ivie books.

Jackie Ivie List of Books to Read

Clans Books

Lady of the Knight  (2004)           

Tender Is the Knight           (2005)           

Knight Before Christmas   (2006)           

Heat of the Knight  (2007)           

A Knight Well Spent           (2008)           

Once Upon a Knight           (2009)           

A Knight and White Satin  (2010)           

Forever Knight         (2011)           

Knight Everlasting   (2011)           

A Perfect Knight for Love  (2012)           

Vampire Assassin League Books

Knight After Night  (2011)           

Be Still My Heart     (2011)           

Dearly Beloved        (2011)           

We Are Gathered    (2011)           

Together to Join      (2012)           

This Man and Woman       (2012)           

Forever As One        (2012)           

Should There Be      (2012)           

Anyone Here            (2012)           

With Just Cause       (2013)           

Why These Two       (2013)           

Cannot Unite           (2013)           

Let Them Speak       (2013)           

Now or Forever       (2013)           

Hold Their Peace     (2013)           

Do You Take (2014)           

This Vampire As       (2014)           

A Forever Mate       (2014)           

To Have         (2014)           

And To Hold (2014)           

To Love          (2014)           

To Honor       (2014)           

And To Cherish        (2015)           

For Richer     (2015)           

And Richer    (2015)           

Forsaking      (2015)           

All Others      (2015)           

As Long As    (2015)           

You Both       (2016)           

Exist   (2016)           

When It Comes        (2016)           

Time To Die  (2016)           

Be Not Like   (2017)           

Those Whose Hearts          (2018)           

Brocade Books

Brandywine  (2013)           

Giselle            (2013)           

Averill (2014)           

Morganna     (2014)           

Linna  (2014)           

Bessie (2015)           

Elise    (2015)           

Chronicles of the Hunter Books

The Hunted  (2016)           

Baited            (2017)           

Portals of Time Books

Penetrate      (2016)           

Alleviate        (2016)           

Standalone Novels

Laird of Ballanclaire            (2013)           


Vampire Bites (with Lori Devoti, Colleen Gleason, F E Heaton (Felicity Heaton) and Lynda Hilburn) (2013)           

Summer Heat (with Nina Bruhns, Traci Hall, Kathy Ivan, Taylor Lee, Jennifer Lowery, Caridad Piñeiro, Stephanie Queen and Rebecca York)       (2016)                                   

List of books by Jackie Ivie

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Jackie Ivie.

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