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List of books by Jack Williamson

List of Books Jack Williamson with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Jack Williamson. Find my selection in date order of Jack Williamson books.

Jack Williamson List of Books to Read

Legion of Space Books

The Legion of Space           (1934)           

The Cometeers        (1936)           

One Against the Legion     (1939)           

The Queen of the Legion   (1982)           

Legion of Time Books

The Legion of Time (1938)           

After World’s End   (1939)           


Humanoids Books

The Humanoids       (1949)           

The Humanoid Touch         (1980)           

With Folded Hands (2011)           

Seetee (as Will Stewart) Books

Seetee Shock           (1950)           

Seetee Ship  (1951)           

Undersea Eden Books

Undersea Quest      (1954)           

Undersea Fleet        (1955)           

Undersea City          (1958)           

Starchild Books

The Reefs of Space (1964)           

Starchild        (1965)           

Rogue Star    (1969)           

Saga of Cuckoo Books

Farthest Star            (1975)           

Wall Around a Star (1975)           

Collected Stories of Jack Williamson Books

The Metal Man and Others          (1984)           

Wolves of DarknessX         (1999)           

Wizard’s Isle (2000)           

Spider Island            (2001)           

The Crucible of Power        (2006)           

Gateway to Paradise          (2008)           

With Folded Hands . . . And Searching Mind    (2010)           

At the Human Limit            (2011)           

Standalone Novels

The Alien Intelligence         (1929)           

the Girl from Mars  (1930)           

The Green Girl         (1930)           

The Stone From the Green Star  (1931)           

Golden Blood           (1933)           

Xandulu         (1934)           

The Fortress of Utopia       (1939)           

Realm of Wizardry  (1940)           

Darker Than You Think      (1948)           

Dragon’s Island aka The Not-Men          (1951)           

The Dome Around America aka Gateway to Paradise            (1955)           

Star Bridge   (1955)           

The Trial of Terra     (1962)           

The Reign of Wizardry       (1964)           

Bright New Universe          (1967)           

Trapped in Space    (1968)           

The Moon Children (1972)           

The Power of Blackness     (1976)           

Brother to Demons, Brother to Gods    (1979)           

Manseed       (1982)           

Lifeburst        (1984)           

Firechild        (1986)           

Land’s End    (1988)           

Mazeway      (1990)           

The Singers of Time            (1991)           

Beachhead   (1992)           

Demon Moon          (1994)           

The Black Sun          (1997)           

The Silicon Dagger  (1999)           

Terraforming Earth (2001)           

The Stonehenge Gate        (2005)           

Short Stories/Novellas

The Cosmic Express            (2011)           

Salvage in Space      (2011)           

Non-Fiction Books

H.G. Wells     (1973)           

Teaching Science Fiction   (1980)           

Wonder’s Child        (1984)           

List of books by Jack Williamson

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Jack Williamson.

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