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Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Jack Vance. Find my selection in date order of Jack Vance books.

Jack Vance List of Books to Read

Dying Earth Books

The Dying Earth aka Mazirian the Magician     (1950)           

The Eyes of the Overworld aka Cugel the Clever         (1966)           

Cugel’s Saga aka Cugel: The Skybreak Spatterlight     (1966)           

Morreion      (1968)           

The Seventeen Virgins       (1974)           

The Bagful of Dreams        (1979)           

Rhialto the Marvellous      (1984)           

The Laughing Magician     (1997)           

Big Planet Books

Big Planet     (1952)           

Showboat World     (1975)           

Demon Princes Books

The Star King            (1964)           

The Killing Machine            (1964)           

The Palace of Love  (1967)           

The Face        (1979)           

The Book of Dreams           (1981)           

The Demon Princes (2005)           

Nopalgarth Books

Son of the Tree        (1964)           

The Houses of Iszm (1964)           

The Brains of Earth (1966)           

Magnus Ridolph Books

The Many Worlds of Magnue Ridolph   (1996)           

The Complete Magnus Ridolph   (1984)           

Magnus Ridolph      (2012)           


Tschai, Planet of Adventure Books

City of the Chasch   (1968)           

Servants of the Wankh      (1969)           

The Dirdir      (1969)           

The Pnume   (1970)           

The Chasch   (2011)           

Tschai (2012)           

Durdane Books

The Anome aka The Faceless Man          (1973)           

The Brave Free Men           (1973)           

The Asutra    (1974)           

Alastor Books

Trullion          (1973)           

Marune         (1975)           

Wyst  (1978)           


Gaean Reach Books

The Gray Prince       (1974)           

Maske            (1976)           

Lyonesse Books

Suldrun’s Garden aka Lyonesse   (1983)           

The Green Pearl      (1985)           

Madouc         (1989)           

Cadwal Chronicles Books

Araminta Station    (1988)           

Ecce and Old Earth (1991)           

Throy (1992)           

The Cadwal Chronicles       (2012)           

Ports of Call Books

Ports of Call  (1998)           

Lurulu            (2004)           

Early Jack Vance Books

Hard Luck Diggings (2010)           

Dream Castles          (2012)           

Magic Highways      (2013)           

Minding the Stars   (2014)           

Miro Hetzel Books

The Dogtown Tourist Agency       (2012)           

Freitzke’s Turn         (2012)           

Miro Hetzel  (2012)           

Standalone Novels

The Five Gold Bands aka The Space Pirate       (1953)           

Vandals of the Void            (1953)           

To Live Forever        (1956)           

The Languages of Pao        (1958)           

Slaves of the Klau aka Gold and Iron      (1958)           

The Man in the Cage          (1960)           

The Dragon Masters          (1963)           

Monsters in Orbit   (1965)           

Space Opera (1965)           

The Blue World       (1966)           

The Last Castle        (1966)           

Emphyrio      (1969)           

Bad Ronald   (1973)           

Galactic Effectuator           (1980)           

Night Lamp   (1996)           

Clarges           (2011)           

The Domains of Koryphon            (2011)           

The Magnificent Showboats        (2011)           

The Wannek (2011)           

The Deadly Isles       (2012)           

Bird Isle         (2012)           

The Dark Ocean       (2012)           

The Flesh Mask        (2012)           

The Fox Valley Murders     (2012)           

The House on Lily Street   (2012)           

The Pleasant Grove Murders       (2012)           

Strange People, Queer Notions   (2012)           

The View from Chickweed’s Window     (2012)           


Future Tense aka Dust of the Far Suns  (1964)           

Eight Fantasms and Magics          (1969)           

The Worlds of Jack Vance (1973)           

The Moon Moth      (1976)           

The Best of Jack Vance      (1976)           

Fantasms and Magics        (1978)           

Green Magic            (1979)           

Nopalgarth   (1980)           

Lost Moons  (1982)           

The Narrow Land    (1982)           

Demon Prince          (1985)           

Light from a Lone Star       (1985)           

The Augmented Agent       (1986)           

The Dark Side of the Moon           (1986)           

Bird Isle and Take My Face           (1988)           

Chateau D’If (1990)           

When the Five Moons Rise           (1992)           

The Jack Vance Treasury   (2007)           

The Jack Vance Reader      (2008)           

The Men Return      (2009)           

Wild Thyme, Green Magic            (2009)           

The Houses of Iszm and Other Stories   (2011)           

The World-Thinker and Other Stories    (2011)           

The Dragon Masters and Other Stories (2011)           

Son of the Tree and Other Stories          (2011)           

Golden Girl and Other Stories     (2012)           

Sail 25 and Other Stories  (2012)           

Wild Thyme and Violets    (2012)           

Desperate Days       (2012)           

Big Planet / The Blue World / The Dragon Masters and Other Stories      (2013)           

Short Stories/Novellas

The Kragen   (2007)           

Sjambak        (2009)           

The Rapparee          (2011)           

The Miracle Workers         (2012)           

Dodkin’s Job (2015)           

Non-Fiction Books

The Jack Vance Lexicon (with Dan Temianka)  (1993)           

This is Me, Jack Vance!      (2009)           

This Is Me, Jack Vance! Or More Properly, This Is I    (2012)           

List of books by Jack Vance

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Jack Vance.

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